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Chairman's Commentary Ensuring Quality, Ensuring Drivability Across the country the problem is the same: Budgets are tight and demands on limited dollars are great. It is a bad combination for departments of transportation, public works agencies, and others charged with ensuring that our roads and highways deliver the level of performance needed to get people and goods where they need to go comfortably and efficiently. The asphalt pavement industry plays a critical role in helping them achieve this goal. There is a reason that 93 percent of paved roads in the country are full-depth asphalt or surfaced with asphalt: It is because NAPA members build the safest, smoothest, most durable, most economical, most recyclable roadways available for the traveling public. We can build or expand roads quickly, and we know how to keep pavements at a high level of performance over time through good construction techniques and periodic maintenance. The public understands that long-lasting infrastructure requires periodic maintenance. They just don't want to be inconvenienced with detours and delays. Being able to get work done at night or other times when traffic levels are down - and keeping the road open to traffic during rush hour - is another asphalt advantage. But all these advantages require that we in the asphalt pavement industry make certain we are providing the highest quality of products and workmanship possible. As an industry, we have always sought to harness innovation in the interest of improving product quality, operational efficiency, and worker safety. These are not just words. We must, and do, back them with action. Every day, NAPA members work to build strong, trusting relationships with customers, to invest in continuous employee development, and to always do the job right. More than anything else we succeed because of our pursuit of quality materials and quality pavements. We do this as individual companies, and we do it as an industry by supporting engineering research and science, and maintaining strong working partnerships with regulators, legislators, labor, academia, and other associations. This is at the heart of NAPA's recent efforts to fund engineering and scientific research, and our market-needs studies: It is why we are working with the Federal Highway Administration to speed the deployment of innovative, costeffective technologies. We want to make sure the driving public has smooth, high performing roads that deliver the level of drivability the public wants and values most. With a focus on applying best practices every time and by embracing innovation, we can ensure that drivers continue to have high-quality asphalt roads to get them where they need to go. With asphalt pavements, our industry offers a greener America, improved safety, gainful employment for thousands of workers, and a better transportation system for a stronger economy. AP By Bill Ensor NAPA Chairman NAPA members build the safest, smoothest, most durable, most economical, most recyclable roadways available for the traveling public. Bill Ensor is the 2014 Chairman of NAPA and is President of Maryland Paving Inc. Asphalt Pavement Magazine - May/June 2014 * 9

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