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Meet the Chairman New NAPA Chairman Mike Cote brings a business and technical balance to his vision for the industry By Martha K. Silver "C ivil engineering is a people-serving profession," 2015 NAPA Chairman Michael Cote says. "Anything a civil engineer does has a direct effect on society and people. I think the asphalt pavement business is one segment of civil engineering that has a more direct impact than other segments because when you pave a road or build a highway, it helps commerce, it helps people conduct their lives better. It is important that we make sure that we have a positive impact on society. If society looks at us and sees us as important to helping their lives, helping their commerce, the sky's the limit as to what the asphalt pavement industry can accomplish." As the new chairman, Cote has a vision to strengthen the asphalt pavement industry and better help NAPA members provide the high-quality products and services that ensure asphalt pavements are properly funded and valued as a superior pavement material. "I joined the NAPA leadership because it was a chance to make a difference. The technology really excites me. There is a lot to making a good asphalt product and then putting it down right. The opportunity to learn from others in the industry as we bring our experiences to the table is incredibly valuable. Together we're learning to make our industry better overall and this gives us the ability to make a difference for our industry." Cote's career in the asphalt industry began more than 35 years ago and illustrates his willingness to take on new challenges, learn new skills, and achieve. Graduating with a bachelors of science in civil engineering from the University of Maine, he first worked as an engineer/superintendent, managing paving operations at his uncle's construction company. With a desire to grow and continue his professional experience, Cote joined the Lane Construction Corp., a family-owned civil construction company, as a job engineer responsible for quality control in 1986. He quickly developed a reputation for helping wherever possible. As the son of an electrician, it wasn't unusual for Cote to find himself fixing electrical problems in broken plants and equipment on the job site - a task often necessary before he could begin his own quality control work. The Lane Construction Corp. leveraged his can-do attitude and abilities, and soon Cote was a mechanical 18 * View past issues online at supervisor, then district manager, vice president - mechanical, and vice president - plants, before rising to executive vice president and chief operating officer - plants, followed by executive vice president for Lane's northern division, where he was responsible for about half of the company's operations. While Cote was EVP for Lane's northern division, he decided that he wanted the business skills necessary to fully understand financials, strategic planning, human resources, and other crucial business knowledge without having to relying on consultants. He enrolled in an online program at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and completed his master's degree in business administration in three years, working mornings, nights, and weekends to accomplish this goal. Recently, the Lane Construction Corp. decided it needed a development group to win new business for the company. Looking

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