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Sheldon G. Hayes Award l Specia : n Sectio NAPA s Award Built to Last By Mary Ann Melody T he four highway paving project finalists for NAPA's Sheldon G. Hayes Award all share a common theme of utilizing innovative technologies in construction that produce a quality pavement that stands the test of time. The Sheldon G. Hayes Award is bestowed annually for excellence in highway construction of asphalt pavements using at least 50,000 tons of pavement mixture. The criteria to be selected are stringent. The pavement must be at least two years old and win a NAPA Quality in Construction Award in the first year. The pavements are then put through the rigors of an evaluation by a team of engineers and a profilograph machine to calculate each pavement's smoothness. Finally, the pavements are evaluated by an independent pavement engineer who visually inspects the road for signs of distress and overall quality of the ride. The data results are tabulated, and the top pavement is selected as the winner. Northeast Asphalt Inc. of Green Bay, Wis., and the company's State Trunk Highway 22 from Gillett to Oconto Falls earned top honors this year, winning the Sheldon G. Hayes Award. The three finalists were Koss Construction Co. of Topeka, Kan., for Interstate 40 in Prairie County, Ark.; Norris Asphalt Paving Co. of Ottumwa, Iowa, for U.S. Route 34 in Wapello County; and Payne & Dolan of Waukesha, Wis., for I-43 from STH 83 to STH 164. This year's independent pavement expert was Ray Brown, former Director of the National Center for Asphalt Technology. "Some of the innovative technologies used included rubblization of underlying concrete, cold in-place recycling, use of high reclaimed asphalt pavement content, and the use of reclaimed asphalt shingles," Brown said. The uniqueness of each project and spot-on workmanship led to each project's distinct recognition, Brown said. "The common trait between all of the projects was the excellent condition of the pavements at the time of inspection," he said. "Those involved in the construction of these projects can be proud of their efforts." 20 * View past issues online at Photos: Lyn Stanton Photography Northeast Asphalt Inc. and the Wisconsin Department of Transporation, Northeast Region Score Top Honors, Take Home Sheldon G. Hayes Award Northeast Asphalt's winning pavement, STH 22, was actually constructed in late 2012 - weathering two harsh winters before it was evaluated for the Sheldon G. Hayes Award.

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