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QUALITY IN CONSTRUCTION AWARDS 2014 2014 NAPA Quality in Construction Awards T he NAPA Quality in Construction Awards recognize exemplary asphalt pavements. NAPA requires quality control, engineering data, and feedback from agencies/road owners before recognizing projects with a Quality in Construction Award. Contractors submit quantifiable data, including test results and quality control standards. The Quality in Construction Awards recognize many types of asphalt pavements, including trails, bike paths, roadways, interstates, parking lots, recreational facilities, airports, and more. Submissions for this national award are rated by pavement engineers at the prestigious National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University, which evaluates and scores each pavement project. A Quality in Construction Award recipient is a contractor who has been nationally recognized for adherence to industry standards and best practices, Additional Achievements: t - Denotes an asphalt pavement that used green practices Quality in Construction Awards Airports g CALIFORNIA Golden Gate Constructors San Jose * an Francisco International S Airport Runway 1/19 FLORIDA Community Asphalt Corp. West Palm Beach * orth Palm Beach County N General Aviation Airport Taxiways D and H Extension Ranger Construction Industries Inc. Winter Garden * issimmee Gateway Airport K Runway 6/24 * t. Lucie County International S Airport Taxiway C * ero Beach Municipal Airport V Runway 4/22 GEORGIA which are known to produce high-quality roads and pavements. There are top awards in each of the three Quality in Construction categories. After undergoing testing by NCAT's pavement engineers, the 10 highest-ranked general paving projects are honored with a special recognition - the Larry H. Lemon Award. The Ray Brown Airport Pavement Award is earned by the airfield paving project with the highest quality assurance/quality control scores. The Sheldon G. Hayes Award is bestowed on the top-rated highway pavement utilizing a minimum of 50,000 tons of asphalt and based on the average scores of three rounds of testing - an engineering review by NCAT's pavement engineers, IRI testing, and a visual inspection a year after construction has been completed. For more information about the NAPA Awards program, visit AP s - Denotes pavements that used asphalt in a new or innovative way INDIANA NEW JERSEY J.H. Rudolph & Co. Inc. Evansville * vansville Regional Airport, E Runway 4/22 t C.J. Hesse Inc. Atlantic Highlands * obert J. Miller Air Park Runway R 14/32 and Parallel Taxiway B MICHIGAN Tilcon New York Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co. Wharton * ewark Liberty International N Airport Taxiway P TEXAS NEBRASKA NEW YORK UTAH NEW HAMPSHIRE OHIO Payne & Dolan Inc. Gladstone * hippewa County International C Airport Runway 16/34 Omni Engineering Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co. Omaha * insworth Regional Airport A Runway 13/31 Pike Industries Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co. Belmont * orrisville-Stowe State Airport M Runway 1/19 Seaboard Construction Co. Brunswick * runswick Golden Isles Airport B Runway 7/25 and Taxiway A t 46 * View past issues online at Barrett Paving Materials Inc. Watertown * assena International Airport- M Richards Field Runway 9/27 * gdensburg International Airport O Runway 9/27 The Shelly Co., an Oldcastle Materials Co. Thornville * ichard Downing Airport R Runway 4/22 SOUTH DAKOTA Bowes Construction Inc. Brookings * rookings Regional Airport B Runway 12/30 TENNESSEE Summers-Taylor Inc. Elizabethton * ri-Cities Regional Airport T Runway 5/23 J.D. Ramming Paving Co. Ltd. Austin * JL Bar Ranch in Sonora t Hales Sand & Gravel Co., an Oldcastle Materials Co. Redmond * ichfield Municipal Airport R Runway 1/19 Ray Brown Airport Pavement Award g NORTH CAROLINA S.T. Wooten Corp. Wilson * ilmington International Airport W Runway 17/35

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