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Chairman's Commentary Focusing on industry Challenges At NAPA's 60th Annual Meeting, I had the honor to become NAPA's 2015 chairman. It is a responsibility I do not take lightly. Our industry aids commerce and people's lives. The road and highway infrastructure of this country is the backbone of our economy, and we play a huge role in it. In spite of asphalt being such a great product and providing such a valuable service, our industry faces many challenges. As the 2015 NAPA Chairman, I believe we can maximize business opportunities for our industry by focusing our efforts in five areas: highway funding, preventing alternative materials from gaining market share, environment, safety, and energy. Highway Funding The biggest challenge, in my opinion, is funding. The Highway Trust Fund will be insolvent again in May 2015 or sooner, if funding isn't put in place to guarantee its future. The current $40 billion obligation is the 11th patch in five years. We need a long-term sustainable solution to maintenance and improvement, not another short-term patch. All levels of government should share in the costs of maintaining and improving the nation's highways and roads. Congress has told NAPA that they need to hear from their constituents on this issue. They want to hear from you and local businesses that depend on the roads you build. Speak to your local chamber of commerce, get local businesses to support highways at town hall meetings, participate in the NAPA Political Action Committee (NAPA PAC), start a letter-writing campaign, and organize plant tours for your elected officials and invite local businesses there to share why highways must be well funded. We must do everything we can to ensure a long-term solution for the federal Highway Trust Fund. Alternative Pavement Materials There are more than 2 million miles of paved roads in the United States, and 93 percent of those roads are asphalt roads. Asphalt is the right product, for the right reasons. With aggressive efforts by alternative pavement materials to erode asphalt's market share, we cannot slacken our industry marketing efforts. To address this challenge, NAPA and its industry marketing partners the State Asphalt Pavement Associations and the Asphalt Institute have been unified under the Asphalt Pavement Alliance brand to create a strong coalition for progress. We've worked on this strategy and structure for a couple of years, and we're now seeing impressive results from this effort. NAPA and the State Asphalt Pavement Associations have jointly funded more than $1.5 million dollars of research and technology activities through the Pavement Economics Committee and its task groups to provide focused research on current critical needs. The projects funded through the PEC are outstanding. For example, the Pavement Design Task Group has developed PaveXpress, a free user-friendly Web-based tool for simplified pavement design. Along with the Pavement Type Selection Task Group, NCAT has reviewed the state-of-the-practice and made recommendations to optimize future pavement designs for high-performance and cost effectiveness. The Pavement Preservation Task Group has developed and deployed marketing materials promoting the benefits of thin asphalt overlays called "ThinlaysTM" as a pavement preservation tool. The Legislative Task Group expanded the grassroots website to provide easy to use templates to contact and educate state and national lawmakers. The Go-To-Market effort's "Drivability" campaign reflects the high road that the asphalt industry has taken and shows the true value our product brings people in everyday life. Our product is the one that is smoother, quieter, and causes fewer delays. In the deployment phase of our industry marketing efforts, the Asphalt Pavement Alliance has created field resource teams, By Michael Cote, NAPA Chairman continued on page 10 Asphalt Pavement Magazine - May/June 2015 * 9

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