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President's Perspective Meeting Demand This past March, the 2015 World of Asphalt Show and Conference drew asphalt professionals from around the world. More than 7,600 attendees registered, hailing from all 50 states, nine out of 10 Canadian provinces, and more than 50 other countries. The show's 110 educational sessions sold more than 9,000 tickets. The show's exhibit hall also had a recordbreaking 450 exhibitors covering 135,000 square feet of floor space. For three days, colleagues in the asphalt industry networked, talked to vendors about new equipment and technologies, and attended top-notch education sessions covering a wide array of asphalt topics. The Birth of Something Big I remember when World of Asphalt was just an inkling of an idea. It was 1998. NAPA, representing the asphalt paving industry, and the Construction Industry Manufacturers Association - now the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) - with its broad experience in running trade shows, began to brainstorm a concept that would bring all sectors of the asphalt industry together and provide real value as a trade show and educational event. At the time, a very successful ConExpoCon/Agg already existed, running every three years. The two years between each ConExpo were open, and the industry was hungry for an industry-wide event. Since that time, World of Asphalt has brought the industry together 10 times in the past 14 years, and has continued to grow and provide value to the asphalt industry. The first World of Asphalt was held in conjunction with NAPA's 2001 Annual Meeting in Orlando. Its first chairman was John Spangler of Milestone Contractors. With the World of Asphalt Management Committee, including AEM, Spangler and his committee created a vision for World of Asphalt that included the People, Plants and Paving (PPP) education program, a trade show, and various bolt-on meetings and conferences. This first event included a live paving demo in the hotel property's parking lot. With 3,200 attendees, 91 exhibitors, and 1,500 PPP tickets sold, the industry showed a real interest for more World of Asphalt events. The next World of Asphalt was a standalone conference and show in 2003. Wayne Evans of Hubbard Construction was appointed World of Asphalt chairman. It was held in Nashville and is often remembered for the live paving demo that was held on a city street; however, the big news in 2003 was the jump in PPP education tickets by more than 50 percent to 2,393. World of Asphalt was meeting a demand for more asphalt industry education. In 2004, PPP education tickets continued to grow to more than 3,100. Held in Nashville, the show was historic as it brought the first warm-mix production and paving demo to the United States. It was a pivotal moment for the asphalt pavement industry. Starting in 2006, Rick Moore of Lehman-Roberts was appointed World of Asphalt chairman. He has held this position ever since. Through his leadership, the show and conference has continued to meet the demands of the industry, co-locating with conferences including Agg1, the Association of Modified Asphalt Producers, State Asphalt Pavement Association meetings, the Rubber Pavements Association, NE Asphalt Users' Group, Asphalt Paving Conference and others; hosting the FHWA Mobile Asphalt Testing laboratory; supplementing asphalt pavement education with environmental, health and safety education sessions; OSHA construction safety courses; Spanish for asphalt contractors, and more. Of these co-located conferences, one that has added an additional boost in educational seminars and trade show exhibitors is Agg1, presented by the National Stone Sand & Gravel Association. The 2009 World of Asphalt/Agg1 Conference and Show was the first year of our collaboration and continues today. Mike Acott, NAPA President World of Asphalt 2015: education, exhibits, attendees grow to meet asphalt industry needs. continued on page 10 Asphalt Pavement Magazine - July/August 2015 * 9

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