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NAPA Operational Excellence Awards The NAPA Operational Excellence Awards Demonstrating a commitment to superior business practices E xcellence in business practices is a tell-tale sign that a company is committed to providing quality products and services. In the asphalt pavement industry, quality must be demonstrated by asphalt mixtures meeting specifications, paving crews building flawless roads, and superior business practices. In 1972, NAPA began recognizing asphalt plants whose streamlined production facilities improved productivity and safety with the Ecological Award. The goal was to demonstrate the asphalt industry's concern for environmental issues, the practical methods that we have undertaken in order to promote environmental stewardship within our companies, and emphasis the inherent recyclability of our product. Today, the asphalt industry is the recognized leader in recycling, utilizing 99 percent of reclaimed asphalt into new roadways. Not willing to rest on our laurels, the industry continues to reduce emissions with the acceptance of warm-mix asphalt, while we continue to scientifically research ways to enhance our environmental sustainability. This drive for continual self-betterment is the underlying tenant of the Operational Excellence Awards. Through the creation of five Operational Excellence Award categories, the Awards Committee establishes a blueprint for excellence-detailing the aspects that make for successful businesses. Marketing materials and communications are covered by both the Outstanding Website and Outstanding Brochure Awards. These awards utilize cutting edge technology, merged with effective communications. Websites are a must-have in today's on-the-go environment; they need to be both easily navigable and provide intuitively organized, extensive information on your company and the asphalt industry. On the other hand, brochures serve as leave-behinds, which inform our customer about our values, company, and work experience. Both, if done well, help establish a public face for our customers. The Asphalt Operations Safety Innovation Award reviews policies, tools, and ideas that create a safer working environment for our employees, contractors, and the general public. We often see low-cost, life-saving innovations developed by paving crews, who see a risk and create mitigation strategies and tools to enhance worker safety. Safety is a major emphasis for companies today; we realize that safety pays. The Community Involvement Award measures the scope, breadth, and scale of community relations programs. The purpose of the award is to understand the relationships that companies have built within their communities. Outreach and civic responsibility breed healthy, cooperative relationships; enhances employee ties to our companies; and with educational activities they teach future generations about the importance of our nation's asphalt roadways. NAPA members, take note of what industry leaders are doing to promote and sell their products and services. We can gain new ideas to enhance our own efforts; imitation can be the highest form of flattery. AP Asphalt Pavement Magazine - July/August 2016 * 23

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