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NAPA Operational Excellence Awards: EcOlOgicAl AwArds Fresh Ideas for Greener Plants Using nature and technology to be more ecologically and socially sensitive By Mary Ann Melody A sphalt companies are fighting to protect the environment by conserving natural resources and running clean operations. Asphalt plants have made a concerted effort to contain potential contaminates around the work area-dust, gas, emissions, water-and are turning over a "greener" leaf. This year NAPA has selected two companies as winners and one company as a finalist of the Ecological Award. Facilities were judged on design layout, clean operation, maintenance performance practices, and community activities. Winners must first earn a Diamond Achievement Commendation for excellence in plant site operations and demonstrate best practices for controlling those contaminants within their facilities. Companies realize it's up to them to help maintain the delicate balance of producing asphalt while protecting the land and air surrounding a plant. WINNER-EXISTING PLANT Ajax Paving Industries of Florida LLC North Venice, Florida Vince Hafeli, Vice President of Ajax Paving Industries of Florida LLC, has helped set the bar high in terms of sparking ecological development and a forward-thinking mindset when it comes to taking care of the environment and other natural resources. "I'm a big green guy, probably contrary to what most asphalt companies will tell you, especially in Florida," Hafeli said. "I'm in the water a lot. I'm in the outdoors a lot, and I'm a stickler for taking care of the environment." This personal passion has helped take Ajax Plant 1 and make it a prime example of what an asphalt plant can do to protect environmental assets. The plant has 46 * View past issues online at existed on its current site for 17 years, but has undergone upgrades and ecologically progressive changes in the past couple of years. The 400 ton-per-hour counterflow plant boasts a 110,000 cfm reverse airflow baghouse, seven cold feed and two recycle bins, a warm-mix asphalt system, three 300ton storage silos, a lime silo, and a complete Construction Training Qualification Program/Construction Materials Engineering Council Inc.-certified laboratory. Each of the company's seven asphalt plants in Florida is in compliance with stormwater permits, Hafeli said. In addition, Ajax Paving hires an independent consultant to monitor its facilities, and to write and establish stormwater compliance and spill prevention countermeasure plans. In 2014, Ajax Plant 1 began the $150,000 process of regrading and redesigning its stormwater retention systems. Since the new systems were put in place, turbidity numbers in the stormwater swales have decreased about 35 percent, Hafeli said. All of the plant's mobile equipment wash water is captured in an on-site selfcontained recirculating wash/treatment station where biological bacteria consumes the oil and contaminants, Hafeli said. It runs on a 12-18 month cycle in which another independent company is hired to vacuum all the water out of the system, which is then cleansed of sediment and debris. Everything is documented, tested, and then reported to the Department of Environmental Protection. "Dollar-wise this keeps us in compliance with no fines," he said. "When inspectors show up for the annual air compliance test, just the nature of how we take care of our facilities makes a statement to them. They say if you put that much effort and time in how you take care of the facility then

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