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NAPA Operational Excellence Awards: cOmmuNity AwArds Building Community While Building Roads Local outreach efforts reap dividends By Mary Ann Melody B uilding a good name in the local community is just as important as hiring a good team, buying the right equipment, and performing quality work on the roads. One way to build a good name is to actively participate in community events and grassroots volunteer efforts. The two winners of NAPA's Community Involvement Award know that setting the tone starts at the top by offering an example of what beneficial community outreach looks like. Once local leaders of a community know that a company is willing to offer time and talent, the effort put forth in answering such a call is priceless. These two winners say answering the community's needs- every time, all the time-place them in the invaluable position of role model, benefactor, and true friend to their neighbors. WINNER Rogers Group Inc. Gallatin, Tennessee Rogers Group Inc. maintains a pretty consistent policy on community involvement: do it and donate it. The Mid-Central Division has woven volunteer efforts through the very core of its company mission, filling the yearly calendar with many projects, and aligning itself with numerous worthwhile organizations. Each project establishes a good name for Rogers Group within the community, all while serving the needs of its neighbors, friends, and the disadvantaged. "Being involved in the community is part of the Rogers Group's DNA," said Tom 56 * View past issues online at Kenley, Communications Specialist for the company. "We're constantly looking for opportunities to support the communities where our employees live and work." Some of the company's greatest volunteer efforts have come from employees, Kenley said. This mentality is fostered by the corporate office, which likes to support causes its workers consider important and worthy. This, in turn, helps spread a good name for the company at a grassroots level. "We want to show support for what employees are involved in, such as small community service groups and youth sports leagues," Kenley said. "They are organizations we need to be involved in, and we often learn about them through our employees." Rogers Group Inc. places its highest value on people, and tangible benefits flow naturally as a result, Kenley said. "Maintaining a visible presence in the community helps keep the lines of communication open so if there are ever any issues to discuss, those in the community can pick up the phone and call somebody directly," he said. Each October, the company holds a large fish fry in Gallatin, Tenn., a muchanticipated event that is attended by well over 1,000 people, Kenley said. A huge tent is set up, and the company invites local, state and national elected officials, neighbors of the local plants and quarries, business partners, vendors, customers, the local fire and police departments, public works officials, and personnel from the Department of Transportation.

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