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President's Perspective dedicated to Your success Today, technological innovations, regulatory changes, and fierce competition all give our industry's business leaders more to manage every day. While NAPA encourages its members to invest in talented employees, it isn't always practical to hire an expert to resolve every issue for any given scenario and keep up with every change the industry faces. New pavement technologies, sustainability, industry competition and market share, tightening regulations, and flat public investment in infrastructure all require NAPA members' attention. But you are not alone. Access to our world-class staff is one of the most valuable benefits of NAPA membership. Engineering and Sustainability The NAPA Engineering Department is well-educated and well-connected within the asphalt pavement industry. Our department of four civil engineers includes three Ph.D.s, P.E. certifications in multiple states, and real-world construction experience. NAPA engineers sit on multiple technical working groups and standards bodies relevant to the asphalt pavement industry, and they serve on the boards of directors of industry organizations focused on asphalt technologies and green building codes. They direct Pavement Economics Committee research conducted at the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) at Auburn University, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, and other research institutions. Their Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) program, a first-ever life cycle analysisbased sustainability tool has the capability to capture greater asphalt market share in this country and is eagerly anticipated by our colleagues in Europe, South Africa, and Australia. Our engineers challenge materials-based bias against asphalt in green building codes and asphalt research. They also review academic research as part of peer review panels, and teach asphalt technology and sustainability to the next generation of engineers. The information gleaned from their work and life experience ensures NAPA keeps its members on top of the latest research results, technical publications, education sessions, and webinars. From porous pavements to stonematrix asphalt to pavement designs to best practices for construction and mix design to getting the most from recycled materials, the NAPA engineering department is well versed in the latest industry findings, can help your company find the information it needs, and can talk through what that information means. With NAPA, you have four additional civil engineers on your team, each with their own area of expertise and contacts in the industry world-wide to help you find answers. Navigating Government and Rulemaking By Mike Acott, NAPA President NAPA staff are one of the most valuable benefits of membership The three-person Government Affairs Team at NAPA has a combined 55 years of legislative and regulatory affairs experience. They have a range of degrees from political science and business to public health, environmental law, and environmental toxicology-a "perfect storm" of knowledge ready to address our members' needs in Washington, D.C. Working with lawmakers, amendments have been successfully added to legislation, funding for programs has been secured, and regulatory burdens have been reduced or mitigated thanks to this expert team. Since the FAST Act was signed into law last December, the Government Affairs legislative team has worked to help NAPA members understand how the many provisions of the FAST Act benefit them, how to take advantage of the new opportunities, and the timelines. More than 25 customized presentations and continued on page 10 Asphalt Pavement Magazine - July/August 2016 * 9

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