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InvestIng in Business Know-How Contractors don't go out of business because they run out of work. They go out of business because they run out of money. -Kevin Kelly, President and CEO, Walsh & Kelly Inc. A sphalt pavement producers and paving companies are led predominantly by executives with engineering backgrounds. It makes sense; civil engineering built this country's roadways, and an education in civil engineering has given these executives the ability to understand what it takes to produce high-quality pavements. They can solve a myriad of asphalt pavement-related problems. They comprehend what the latest asphalt innovations mean for their clients and even how these innovations have the potential to save their companies money. Running an asphalt paving company has provided these engineering executives and managers with some understanding of what operating a business entails. However, many of these executives, unknowingly leave money on the table every month - money they could be using to grow their businesses, invest in equipment, or use to ensure there is sufficient everyday cash flow. What do these executives and their companies have in common? They lack having business management expertise on their executive team to help optimize financial opportunities and strategically manage the business. 20 * View past issues online at

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Asphalt Pavement Magazine - September/October 2015

Chairman’s Commentary : An Update on Our Industry’s Challenges
Industry News : CEO fly-In presses Congress for HTF revenue, PaveXpress adds asphalt overlay design feature, Is your safety data sheet GHS compliant?, FHWA offers porous asphalt guidelines, NAPA Care silent auction
Investing in Business Know-How : How employees with business education add to your engineering-driven business
Collaborating for Worker Safety : NIOSH and partners collaborate to control silica dust in asphalt milling operations
A Good Brochure Leaves a Lasting Impression : A vibrant takeaway gives potential clients something to reflect upon
Get Active, Get Involved, Get Noticed : This year’s community involvement winners know their neighbors and their neighbors know them
Thinking Ecologically Means Thinking Economically : Reducing energy costs and running efficient plants helps keep asphalt producers in the black
Putting Safety at the Core : Emphasis on safety helps inspire employee cooperation
Websites Stir Interest With Fresh Look : Focus on function attracts customers and potential customers
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Asphalt Pavement Magazine - September/October 2015