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l Specian: Sectio NAPA s Award Community Awards get Active, get Involved, get noticed This year's community involvement winners know their neighbors and their neighbors know them By Mary Ann Melody T he math, according to this year's Community Involvement Award winners, is relatively simple. Community outreach plus avid employee participation equals a priceless positive impact that reverberates goodwill throughout the local area. Many of today's asphalt producers know that a company's reputation in the community goes a long way. It often means increased name recognition, more positive public relations, and greater community satisfaction. This translates into corporate growth and has a direct impact on the company's bottom line. Many businesses said they actively participate in community outreach because that's simply what good corporate practice is all about - plus, it's the right thing to do. This year's NAPA Community Involvement Award winners hit the mark by being the best neighbor on the block. WINNER Pennsy Supply Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Oftentimes community involvement projects fall into the lap of asphalt companies when it becomes apparent that a great need exists, and the company is happy to help. Pennsy Supply Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co., said this game plan worked successfully for many years, and it continues to this day. The company recently decided, however, to change course with one of its community outreach projects by actively seeking to identify one local non-profit organization that needed help and then take that group in under its wings. Pennsy Supply identified CATRA, Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association Inc., as an organization to help and enlisted Pennsy Supply's many willing employees. "We looked for an opportunity where not only do folks need help, but they're not getting help from national organizations for the local community effort," said Mark Snyder, President of Pennsy Supply Inc., and Mid-Atlantic Regional President for Oldcastle Materials Inc. "The bottom line is we like to see our employees actively engaged rather than us just writing a check," Snyder said. "Anybody can write a check, but very often people are looking for more than that. They're looking for volunteers, people to actually get the boots on the ground." Dawn Darkes, Snyder's Executive Administrative Assistant, said that Pennsy Supply was able to wrap its arms around CATRA, which offers therapeutic horseback riding to both adults and children with disabilities. Help was in the form of financial aid and a multitude of specific projects throughout their partnership. "It became a fully integrated relationship," Darkes said. "They in turn let everyone know Pennsy Supply was active in their community and active in 36 * View past issues online at

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Chairman’s Commentary : An Update on Our Industry’s Challenges
Industry News : CEO fly-In presses Congress for HTF revenue, PaveXpress adds asphalt overlay design feature, Is your safety data sheet GHS compliant?, FHWA offers porous asphalt guidelines, NAPA Care silent auction
Investing in Business Know-How : How employees with business education add to your engineering-driven business
Collaborating for Worker Safety : NIOSH and partners collaborate to control silica dust in asphalt milling operations
A Good Brochure Leaves a Lasting Impression : A vibrant takeaway gives potential clients something to reflect upon
Get Active, Get Involved, Get Noticed : This year’s community involvement winners know their neighbors and their neighbors know them
Thinking Ecologically Means Thinking Economically : Reducing energy costs and running efficient plants helps keep asphalt producers in the black
Putting Safety at the Core : Emphasis on safety helps inspire employee cooperation
Websites Stir Interest With Fresh Look : Focus on function attracts customers and potential customers
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Asphalt Pavement Magazine - September/October 2015