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l Specian: Sectio NAPA s Award Safety Awards Putting safety at the Core Emphasis on safety helps instill employee cooperation By Mary Ann Melody A sphalt companies operate with numerous safety practices and measures firmly in place. With the number of hazards construction crews face, companies must be vigilant and responsible on a daily basis - all for the sake of their employees and the general public. The Asphalt Operations Safety Innovations Award salutes companies that go one step further to design and implement a product that improves employee safety. The two winners of this year's award demonstrate that spending a little extra time and money to ensure a worker's safety pays big dividends in liability prevention, employee morale, and word-ofmouth reputation. These sometimes intangible benefits help 'pave the way' for a company's future through wise business acumen and loyal, dedicated, hard-working employees. Lakeside Industries' commitment to employee hearing is close to 20 years old. The company began offering custom-fit hearing protection in 2011. WINNER Lakeside Industries Inc. Issaquah, Washington Custom-Fitted Hearing Protection Devices Making sure your employees are protected while on the job is something all asphalt companies consider a primary concern. But making sure the workers - and by extension, their families - have the same protection while at home set Lakeside Industries apart in the safety department. Lakeside Industries has taken a bold approach when it comes to protecting the hearing of its workers while on the job. The company first began baseline audiogram testing in 1996 and has continued the annual practice each year since. Last year alone, 551 permanent and temporary Lakeside employees were tested. "We describe safety as a core value ... rather than say 'safety is our top priority," said Cal Beyer, Director of Risk Management for Lakeside Industries 54 * View past issues online at continued on page 57

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Chairman’s Commentary : An Update on Our Industry’s Challenges
Industry News : CEO fly-In presses Congress for HTF revenue, PaveXpress adds asphalt overlay design feature, Is your safety data sheet GHS compliant?, FHWA offers porous asphalt guidelines, NAPA Care silent auction
Investing in Business Know-How : How employees with business education add to your engineering-driven business
Collaborating for Worker Safety : NIOSH and partners collaborate to control silica dust in asphalt milling operations
A Good Brochure Leaves a Lasting Impression : A vibrant takeaway gives potential clients something to reflect upon
Get Active, Get Involved, Get Noticed : This year’s community involvement winners know their neighbors and their neighbors know them
Thinking Ecologically Means Thinking Economically : Reducing energy costs and running efficient plants helps keep asphalt producers in the black
Putting Safety at the Core : Emphasis on safety helps inspire employee cooperation
Websites Stir Interest With Fresh Look : Focus on function attracts customers and potential customers
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Asphalt Pavement Magazine - September/October 2015