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l Specian: Sectio NAPA s Award Website Awards Websites stir Interest With Fresh Look Revamped websites meet increased traffic By Mary Ann Melody F irst impressions are more important than ever in this fast-paced, quick-look world we live in. For the asphalt pavement industry, presenting an informative, sophisticated website may determine whether or not a potential client or association member takes a second look. Add laptops, tablets, and smartphones into the mix, and today's industry website must be designed with today's savvy user in mind. The following five organizations made a conscious decision to update their websites, promoting current information, and links to social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The website revamps have earned the 2014 Outstanding Website Award, which recognizes websites that promote the use of asphalt and the asphalt industry. These award winners have put a fresh look on how to present asphalt information to the public - and aim to increase revenue in the process. WINNER - Producer Member Louisville Paving & Construction Co. Louisville, Kentucky Louisville Paving & Construction Co.'s decision to redo its company website last year was part of a company-wide recommitment to overall excellence. John Dougherty, Louisville Paving & Construction Chief Executive Officer, said the old website was 15 years old and "just sat there." He formed a committee to review, update, and create each page on the new and improved website, which is now receiving record traffic and an increase in employment applications. 60 * View past issues online at Louisville Paving & Construction's website is updated regularly with current jobs and projects. "We're in the top of all the categories we think are important," Dougherty said. "We track about 15 categories we think someone might put in if they are going to search - asphalt, paving, site work, or whatever. We were number one or number two in almost all of them." Dougherty said its part of the company's conscious goal to excel in all areas - training, website, community outreach, safety, and more - which will help the company prosper and reap financial benefits. "We have a philosophy that we need to be number one in everything," he said. "We can't just do part of it. I think it's paid off for us." The website aims to provide information about the company in a presentable fashion that is easy for the

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Chairman’s Commentary : An Update on Our Industry’s Challenges
Industry News : CEO fly-In presses Congress for HTF revenue, PaveXpress adds asphalt overlay design feature, Is your safety data sheet GHS compliant?, FHWA offers porous asphalt guidelines, NAPA Care silent auction
Investing in Business Know-How : How employees with business education add to your engineering-driven business
Collaborating for Worker Safety : NIOSH and partners collaborate to control silica dust in asphalt milling operations
A Good Brochure Leaves a Lasting Impression : A vibrant takeaway gives potential clients something to reflect upon
Get Active, Get Involved, Get Noticed : This year’s community involvement winners know their neighbors and their neighbors know them
Thinking Ecologically Means Thinking Economically : Reducing energy costs and running efficient plants helps keep asphalt producers in the black
Putting Safety at the Core : Emphasis on safety helps inspire employee cooperation
Websites Stir Interest With Fresh Look : Focus on function attracts customers and potential customers
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Asphalt Pavement Magazine - September/October 2015