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Chairman's Commentary An update on Our industry's Challenges In the May/June issue of Asphalt Pavement magazine, I outlined the industry challenges I would be focusing on during my tenure as NAPA chairman. As I said then, asphalt is a great product and our industry aids commerce and people's lives. We play a huge role in our country's economy via the high quality road and highway infrastructure we produce; it is the backbone of our economy. I believe we can maximize business opportunities for our industry by focusing our efforts in five areas: highway funding, preventing alternative materials from gaining market share, environment, safety, and energy. Here is an update on these important issues: Highway Funding Highway funding is still our industry's biggest challenge. Our goal for a longterm sustainable solution has made some headway. This summer, NAPA member CEOs held a fly-in to Capitol Hill to meet with GOP members of the House and Senate tax-writing committees to press for a revenue solution for the Highway Trust Fund. The meetings took place in June during the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee vote on the 6-year, $277 billion highway bill, Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy (DRIVE) Act. In July, the full Senate voted on the Drive Act. It did not pass during its first vote due to political considerations; however, the Senate's bipartisan interest in a long-term highway funding bill is a step in the right direction. The House-initiated extension would have kept funding going through Dec. 18; however, at press time, it appears a short-term patch will only take us through October. It is the 12th patch in six years, and simply kicks the can down the road rather than providing a long-term solution for highway maintenance and improvements. Our CEO Fly-In was successful and helped move the ball forward in our efforts to secure long-term surface transportation funding; however, there is still more we need to do. We need more of our industry actively involved. Go visit Congress; they want to hear from you and local businesses that depend on the roads you build. Participate in the NAPA Political Action Committee (NAPA PAC). Start a letter-writing campaign at your company. Organize plant tours for your elected officials and invite local businesses there to share why highways must be well funded. We must do everything we can to ensure a long-term solution for the federal Highway Trust Fund. By Michael Cote, NAPA Chairman Alternative Pavement Materials I am pleased to report that NAPA and its marketing partners the Asphalt Pavement Alliance, the State Asphalt Pavement Associations (SAPAs), and the Asphalt Institute have used their unified strength and resources to make real progress. Marketing efforts have included the creation of tools and resources that help pavement specifiers and designers, research projects that better position asphalt as the pavement of choice, and marketing materials our industry can use to prevent market share erosion. Here are a few examples: PaveXpress, the user-friendly, webbased tool for simplified pavement design, developed by the Pavement Design Task Force, delivered an upgrade. Version 2.0 has a new module for asphalt overlay designs. The majority of road projects managed by public works and road agencies today involve pavement maintenance and preservation; the new module makes it easy to design asphalt overlays that preserve a pavement's structure while improving smoothness, safety, and drivability. IRI Explorer, is another free web-based tool delivered as part of our industry's marketing efforts. Developed to analyze roughness data from the Federal Highway Administration's Long Term Pavement Performance program, the tool allows for continued on page 10 Asphalt Pavement Magazine - September/October 2015 * 9

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Chairman’s Commentary : An Update on Our Industry’s Challenges
Industry News : CEO fly-In presses Congress for HTF revenue, PaveXpress adds asphalt overlay design feature, Is your safety data sheet GHS compliant?, FHWA offers porous asphalt guidelines, NAPA Care silent auction
Investing in Business Know-How : How employees with business education add to your engineering-driven business
Collaborating for Worker Safety : NIOSH and partners collaborate to control silica dust in asphalt milling operations
A Good Brochure Leaves a Lasting Impression : A vibrant takeaway gives potential clients something to reflect upon
Get Active, Get Involved, Get Noticed : This year’s community involvement winners know their neighbors and their neighbors know them
Thinking Ecologically Means Thinking Economically : Reducing energy costs and running efficient plants helps keep asphalt producers in the black
Putting Safety at the Core : Emphasis on safety helps inspire employee cooperation
Websites Stir Interest With Fresh Look : Focus on function attracts customers and potential customers
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Asphalt Pavement Magazine - September/October 2015