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FROM THE PRESIDENT & CEO Technology for the Future JESSE J. T YSON PRESIDENT & CEO N AT I O N A L B L A C K M B A A S S O C I AT I O N , I N C .® It is difficult to overstate the effect of rapidly evolving technology on the global business environment. Exponential growth in mobile devices, the explosion of apps and increasing access to the internet have created opportunities to work smarter and faster, anytime - anywhere in the world. The abundance of new and helpful technology has enabled whole new groups of businesspeople to emerge. Telecommuting, even if only one day a week, is now not just possible, but a regular norm. Technology fuels the freelance community, keeping consultants and other outside workers ahead of the game. Those with full-time careers are beginning to lauch their own entrepreneurial interests, stay on top of them and grow, thanks to a host of mobile apps. Villagers in parts of the world, such as Africa have begun their own efforts and even solicited microloan funding, with just a smartphone and some useful advancements in mobile banking. Black MBA | Recognizing the growing need and to stay current with business trends, NBMBAA is working to strengthen our use of technology as an enabler. This year, we're launching new technology initiatives to provide you quick and easy access to the organization and to your fellow members. 8 In February, we launched a new website that not only has a fresh and modern look, but that also includes improved features for our members - from résumé reviews to job postings and local chapter social media. Login with an updated profile on and access the NBMBAA Job Opportunity Board, which will show you jobs that fit your profile. Uploading your résumé ensures that recruiters searching our database can access you, but you can see how your résumé stacks up against the opportunities you're reviewing. We want you to have contact with us at your fingertips and the new NBMBAA App, introduced this spring, gives you instant on-the-go access to everything NBMBAA - quick shortcuts to, our Confer- ence website, the Job Opportunity Board, as well as our calendar, chapters, Black MBA Magazine, and eNewsletters. An activity feed keeps works within the App, as well as with outside social media, and you can connect with other users. As we add content to Conference, we'll update the App to feature even more information you need. And speaking of Black MBA Magazine, our flagship publication is going digital to give you even more content during the year, with even more functionality, including the ability to send and post articles, bookmark and download. Look for a special print copy of the Conference edition this September in Atlanta. In order to provide access to even more thought leadership, we've introduced NBMBAA TV, our new video library. We'll be providing original content videos that provide leadership training, career advice, thought leadership and more. As we build this new resource, we'll be adding new videos throughout the summer as we head into the Annual Conference. We'll be recording even more videos at Conference to include in the fall. And, as we grow our library, we'll have an option for members to upload their own videos to the different channels. We're excited about the possibilities and invite you to visit as we grow our library at Our technology efforts are directed and providing our members quick and easy access to NBMBAA products and services, across all platforms, whenever and wherever they need it. Our goal is to provide the things that empower your career and your life and enable you to make the business and personal connections you need to thrive and succeed. We're looking forward to broadening our benefits and hope you are enjoying these additions. Please make use of the feedback options in all of platforms to share your suggestions as we work to grow and improve these new offerings. END

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