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BlackMBA i N F O r M i N g a N d e M P O w e r i N g V i s i O N a r i e s NatioNal Black MBa MagaziNe® Fall 2015 T h e O F F i c i a l P u B l i c aT i O N O F T h e NaT i O Na l B l ac k M Ba a s s O c i aT i O N ® Vo l . 1 8 , N o. 2 NBMBAA® 37th Annual Conference and Exposition The Building Blocks of Leadership Relevance. Drive. Effect. Working Internationally Don Thompson NBMBAA Members' Trip to China

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From the Chairman
From the President & CEO
The Global Marketplace
A Different World
Inspiring Innovation
NBMBAA 37th Annual Conference and Exposition
NBMBAA® Board of Directors
NBMBAA® 2015 Award Winners
Featured Speakers
NBMBAA® Professional
Speaker Intelligence

Black MBA - Fall 2015