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eventadvice What's the Best Advice You've Been Given as a Meeting or Event Planner? "Everything is negotiable!" Lee Campbell Account Manager IMI Association Executives "Remember who we work for. That's it. I tell my team that all the time. Most of us perform as if we are working for the person who signs our paychecks when actually, if there was no (satisfied) guest, there would be no paycheck and no need for us! " Jeanette Keys Regional Director of Business Development Greenville Convention Center "Kate Kaeli, CMP, a meeting planner at TH Mgmt., shared with me her advice for managing contractors: Let the experts be the experts. The CSM knows how their space works best, the Banquet Captain knows how to best manage service and food/beverage set up, let the A/V tech manage the equipment, etc. It's okay to oversee the plans, but let others execute the details." Theresa Salmen, CMP President TH Mgmt., Inc. "It's not a big deal unless YOU make it one. This was shared with me in a "high energy" moment when something didn't follow the BEO. In short even though it mattered and upset me, the attendees had no clue. Bigger picture thinking starts with YOU." Tim Kreger Executive Director Carolinas Golf Course Superintendents Association "Two things come to mind. The first is, don't burn any bridges and stay in control of your emotions. The second is that regardless of how well the event was planned, something will always come up last minute. Be ready for the last minute issues and be a problemsolver." Kimberly Tant Learning and Conference Coordinator Capital Associated Industries (CAI) "Visualize your event through your attendees' eyes. How easy is it to go through the registration process? What do attendees see when they first enter the room? Also, know when to end the event and make sure attendees leave when the energy level is high." Michelle Bolick Vice President Guilford Merchants Association continued on page 12 > july/august 2016 || success 11

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President’s Message
Event Calendar
North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians Inspires the Next Generation of Family Medicine
What’s the Best Advice You’ve Been Given as a Meeting or Event Planner?
From Good to Great: 5 Little Ways to Take Your Conference Up a Notch
Email Marketing Advice for Exhibitors and Sponsors
2016 Annual Meeting Sponsor Recognition
Networking: Schmooze It or Lose It
7 Ways to Become a Meetings Industry Advocate
Member Updates
CRM for Associations: A New Approach in Member Engagement and Revenue Generation
Tips for a Meaningful Mountain Retreat
Young Leader Profile
FUEL — Strategically Creating the “Buddy System” for Young Professionals
Why Enragement Blocks Engagement
Staff Update: Introducing BriAnna Walker
Advertiser Index
Buyers’ Guide
Advertiser Showcase
Executive Director’s Message

Success by Association - July/August 2016