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businessstrategy Networking: Schmooze It or Lose It Beth Grace I 'll never forget my first job. My mom's best friend helped me get it. I'll always remember the second one - my college advisor called a friend of a friend and got me an interview. Sound familiar? Has anyone ever gotten a job without calling on their network of family and friends and business associates? Has anyone ever landed that critical meeting, wooed that must-have board member, or gotten that legislation in front of the folks who could help without calling on friends and relations? connection is "Personal what networking is all about." And of course, now you owe them one. Not a bad deal! For the price of a handshake, meaningful eye contact, good conversation and a well-placed phone call or two, your association, your members, your board can be more effective, more proactive and happier in their work. And so can you. Here are five quick tips to refine your skills, hone your style, and give you a schmooze that can't lose: Schedule your networking I set aside a full day each week to contact key clients or potential clients. I often can't do all eight hours in a row, but I can schedule it in a working week and spend an hour here or 45 minutes there dedicating real time to making contacts. It adds up. Let yourself be networked Make time for that random unexpected phone call or email asking for advice, seeking information or offering some earthshattering new program for your members. You never know where the next great idea will come from. Be open. Don't limit your network Have any of us gotten where we are ... alone? Doubtful. We are a nation of networkers. And if you are not on that bandwagon, heaven help you. People who need - and know - people get things done faster and more efficiently than those who go it alone. There are studies that show those who network, mingle and schmooze are likely to be more successful than those who don't. Why? Because people like to help. They like to know they are of value to others. They want to be the one who helps you succeed - in part, because it makes them feel they have succeeded. 20 success || july/august 2016 Everything you do, from taking the kids to a school event to being active in your church, has the potential for you to meet someone who could make a difference in how you do business. That doesn't mean you have to be "on" all the time. It just means you should keep your mind in gear and open to all possibilities. Don't be shy Start with hello, no matter how intimidating or important you find the target of your networking wiles. If you want to network with the big dogs, do your homework, study up and find things to talk to them about. It all flows from there. You will have them at hello.

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Networking: Schmooze It or Lose It
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Success by Association - July/August 2016