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meetingstrategy Tips for a Meaningful Mountain Retreat Connie Nuckolls Holliday, CMP H ow can you hold an event where people make meaningful connections? The answer may be right outside your door. Where you hold your gathering does make a difference and sets the tone for the entire event. Mountain retreats or conference centers offer a unique opportunity to build community within your group. While business meetings may have to occur during your event, be sure to get outside together if possible. Not only can it facilitate team building, but there's evidence to suggest that spending time in nature improves productivity. Get outdoors While a change in scenery may help participants create new connections, there are also several studies by Stanford University Professor Dr. Katie Curhan, Ed.D that suggest being in contact with nature improves a person's well-being both in general and at work. According to the Stanford University's BeWell@ Stanford blog, one of Dr. Curhan's studies found that after experiencing an activity that required mental focus such as a difficult math problem, then walking for forty minutes in an area populated with trees and vegetation, study participants reported a more positive emotional state and performed better on subsequent cognitive tasks than participants who spent time outdoors in an urban environment without greenery. Unplug . . . at least a little Most of us are "checkers," constantly checking email responses, Facebook updates, and LinkedIn notifications, just to mention a few. There's so much to keep up with, and our focus may be suffering. Our goals, plans, and our ability to unplug and see the big picture may also be at risk. Encourage participants to unplug for at least 15 minutes during their day, just enough to clear the jumbled mess of pings and alerts that cloud everyone's focus. Immerse yourself in nature if only for a short while by enjoying natural vistas and walking trails. Gain perspective Even Albert Einstein touted the benefits of taking in nature when he said, "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." Imagine holding a team building exercise by a lake or on a high-ropes course in the 26 success || july/august 2016 woods. What perspective might that bring to your group? Even though coworkers or association members may have known each other for years, hiking up the side of a mountain together can create bonds that didn't exist before. Those strengthened connections may improve communications and productivity in future interactions back in the workplace. z Connie Nuckolls Holliday, CMP is Director of Sales at Kanuga Conference & Retreat Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Kanuga is a year-round, full-service conference, retreat and camp center set on 1,400 mountain acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains, providing transformation for 25,000 guests a year. Please contact Connie at 828-233-2808 or

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Success by Association - July/August 2016