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executivedirector'smessage 2015-2016 AENC COMMITTEE CHAIRS Executive Committee W. Alan Skipper, CAE, CMP What Will You Remember? Finance/Audit Committee Susan Nelson, CMP, CAE FUEL (Young Professionals) Kimberly Lawyer, QAS Golf Committee Dave Pitkin N ot long after I graduated from university, I worked as an assistant editor for Heinemann Educational Books. In those days of typewriters, before computers became accepted office fixtures, creating books was a manual process and each proof page had to be laid out by hand. To cut and paste text I used a scalpel and rubber cement with a transparent plastic grid to square up the content. I cut, pasted and positioned every piece of text, diagram, image, footnote and page number. Membership Committee Laura Nakoneczny, CAE, IOM Nominating Committee Sharon H. Bryson, MEd Karen Peterson, CAE My least favorite projects were the chemistry and physics texts. Proofreading boredom aside, the characters in the formulas and equations were so tiny, they were tricky to manoeuver when a correction was needed. If I wanted a diagram or photo re-sized, I had to calculate the reduction or enlargement, drive to a photographer to drop off the job for processing, then wait for the next day delivery. To find suitable illustrations, I would work with an artist or visit the newspaper office and browse their photo files. All of which makes me appreciate the ease and convenience of today's technology and makes me sound very old. Prior to the editorial job, I worked in a New Zealand computer agency which sold and repaired Texas Instrument scientific calculators and early Radio Shack computers. At the time I started, the TRS-80 green screen was the latest model. We also sold huge computers to the universities and large businesses, and I'm talking about dimension, not processing power. We even developed an in-house microcomputer, a significant PR coup, for which I was chosen to be the brochure model. Yes, that's me. Later, working for a software developer, I helped create one of the early websites when URLs were long, meaningless strings of letters and characters. I can't claim I grew up with computers as we use the expression today. I can say I've been maturing and evolving with technology and computers for over 30 years. For those of you who are new graduates today, I wonder what you'll talk about when you reminisce in 30 years' time. KAREN PETERSON, CAE AENC Executive Director 38 success || july/august 2016 Professional Development Committee Jerel Noel, CAE Recognition Committee Greg Griggs, MPA, CAE Scholarships and Awards Committee Nancy Lowe, CMP Silent Auction Committee Alex Collins, CHSE Trade Show Committee Rob Wheeler STAFF Karen Peterson, CAE Executive Director Jovita S. Mask Events & Sales Manager BriAnna Walker Member Services Manager AENC'S VISION Association Management will be widely recognized as an esteemed profession that improves the lives of North Carolina citizens. AENC'S MISSION STATEMENT: To advance the field of Association Management by providing networking and professional development, while increasing the recognition of the Association community. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Contact Jovita Mask at 919-848-8255 or for information about AENC sponsorship opportunities for 2016-2017. From the Trade Show, to Membership Luncheons, to the AENC Golf Outing, there are many opportunities to market your products and services.

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President’s Message
Event Calendar
North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians Inspires the Next Generation of Family Medicine
What’s the Best Advice You’ve Been Given as a Meeting or Event Planner?
From Good to Great: 5 Little Ways to Take Your Conference Up a Notch
Email Marketing Advice for Exhibitors and Sponsors
2016 Annual Meeting Sponsor Recognition
Networking: Schmooze It or Lose It
7 Ways to Become a Meetings Industry Advocate
Member Updates
CRM for Associations: A New Approach in Member Engagement and Revenue Generation
Tips for a Meaningful Mountain Retreat
Young Leader Profile
FUEL — Strategically Creating the “Buddy System” for Young Professionals
Why Enragement Blocks Engagement
Staff Update: Introducing BriAnna Walker
Advertiser Index
Buyers’ Guide
Advertiser Showcase
Executive Director’s Message

Success by Association - July/August 2016