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Learn more: Facebook @NCAFP Twitter @myncafp North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians Inspires the Next Generation of Family Medicine Kathryn Atkinson with Sarah Wall M edical students are vital to the future of family medicine in North Carolina. Providing medical students with an opportunity to learn about family medicine and the terrific family medicine residency programs in North Carolina plays an important role in attracting new physicians to careers in family medicine. Chartered in 1948, the NCAFP is the largest specialty medicine association in North Carolina. The NCAFP's mission is to advance the specialty of family medicine in order to improve the health of patients, families, and communities in the state. One key way the NCAFP works towards this mission is with their annual program, Family Medicine Day. Family Medicine Day is a unique one-day event that provides important skills training opportunities while also introducing medical students to North Carolina's diverse array of Family Medicine Residency Programs. Along with the support of the NC Area Health Education Center, the NCAFP hosts this annual event aimed at rising 2nd and 3rd-year medical students interested in family medicine. This year's Family Medicine Day had a record-breaking 90 students in attendance, compared to 65-85 students in previous years. From the coast to the mountains and the Piedmont in between, NC offers 18+ terrific family medicine residency programs. The goal of Family Medicine Day is to make students aware of these fantastic residency opportunities while also providing them with a glimpse into the rewarding and important career of a family physician. It is a great break from the classroom and gives students the opportunity to get up-close and personal with family medicine It allows students a chance to "dig in" and experience the kinds of things many family physicians could typically see in a day's work. By participating in Family Medicine Day, students see and feel first-hand how important and rewarding, yet challenging, this career path is. 6 success || july/august 2016 The NCAFP hopes that the program will encourage attendees to ultimately choose family medicine as their profession, and that as future physicians, they will practice in our state and care for the citizens of NC. The event opens with a luncheon and an enthusiastic welcome message, usually from the NCAFP's President or other industry leaders, which emphasizes not only the importance of family medicine but also the need for family physicians practicing in North Carolina. This year the opening speaker was the National Family Physician of the Year, also a Past President of the NCAFP. After the luncheon, students attend workshops taught by representatives from the NC Family Medicine Residency Programs. A variety of 12 workshop topics are taught throughout the day. Each student has a chance to attend a total of 4 workshops. Before the event is held, students register online and make their workshop selections based on their preferred rankings for each of the available workshop topics. To keep the process simple and streamlined, when students check-in, they are given a personal schedule of events with their assigned workshops and locations. Classrooms are kept small with 15 to 20 students each and allow for optimal interaction time and terrific one-on-one training in the skills and techniques specific to that workshop topic. The workshops include diverse topics like suturing techniques, IUD insertions and endometrial biopsies, ultrasound reading for OB and sports medicine, splinting, bracing and casting, joint injections, knee exams, circumcisions, dermatological procedures, musculoskeletal techniques, and even wilderness medicine. Some workshops, like the shoulder injections and knee exam workshops, are taught with life-like models, but others can be more creative and interactive experiences. For continued on page 8 >

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Success by Association - July/August 2016