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Message from the President Opportunity, Challenges, Learning, Teamwork and Success Ray Summerlin 2015 NCPC President L et me start by saying that I am proud to represent the North Carolina Pork Council as President for 2015. I have had the opportunity to develop working relationships with the North Carolina Pork Council (NCPC) staff over the last several years. I have previously served two three-yearterms as a board member for NCPC. Following that I served two consecutive two-year-terms on the nominating committee for the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC). This allowed me the opportunity to learn more about how the three organizations-NCPC, NPPC and the National Pork Board-function with independent and interdependent goals and projects that both support and sustain our industry. While serving on the NPPC nominating committee I had the chance to meet producers from multiple states. I then ran for a Board seat for NPPC and had the chance to serve with board members that 6 NC P ork R eport * w w w .n c p o r k .o r g I had interviewed and recommended to the delegate body over the previous four years. Again, this experience helped me learn at a more detailed level about how NPPC works to promote and protect our industry. This has been a great experience for me to meet and work with producers from across the country who represent farms and companies of all different sizes to help our industry improve and meet the demands of our customers around the world. Also, while interacting with the national organizations it became clear that our staff here at the North Carolina Pork Council have built a reputation across the country and are held in high regard by both national organizations as well as other state organizations. I am looking forward to working with them this year. I would like to share some of my personal background. My home is Sampson County in the Plain View community where I have lived for 25 years. My wife, Debbie, is a school teacher at Plain View Elementary. We have three daughters; Erin, Samantha and Ashley, who all live in Raleigh. Erin and Samantha work in the Triangle area while Ashley is a freshman at NCSU. I began my swine career in 1978 working for ABA farms near Autryville. I probably stayed with this due to getting involved with breeding stock shows, performance testing and even delivering breeding stock to farmers in eastern North Carolina. During this four-yearperiod I met people like Dr. Bob Jones and Frank Hollowell with the NCSU extension services. Our veterinarian was Dr. Bill Plummer. It was a good place to start, as both Dr. Jones and Dr. Plummer are well known and respected in the industry, having been recognized as Hall of Fame winners by NCPC. In 1983 I joined Murphy Family Farms which at that time only had a total of 3000 sows and was buying feeder pigs from multiple states. Who knew that by 1997 Murphy Family Farms would be the largest pig producing company in the world. Being in a changing industry allowed me many great experiences. I was able to witness first-hand the growth and success of adapting new technologies such as SEW three site production, on-site multiplication and larger specialized farms. I was exposed to people who helped teach me that people recruitment and development were not only important, but required, to be successful in this changing industry. I can't tell you how many times I have heard Wendell Murphy give credit for his success to the people that his company hired as well as the contract growers. So I have had the opportunity to grow and adapt with the North Carolina pork industry while working and learning from some of the best people. As I sum up my experience, I'd like to identify some themes for the upcoming year, those would be 1) Opportunity, 2) Challenges, 3) Learning, 4) Teamwork, and 5) Success. As I think about the year ahead, I am sure we will face challenges and discover opportunities, but most of all, we will work together as a team to be successful.

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Message from the President: Opportunity, Challenges, Learning, Teamwork and Success
Industry News
Introducing the 2015 Board of Directors
2015 Pork Conference: Education, Networking, Fellowship and Fun
NCPC Names Bob Swain to Pork Industry Hall of Fame
Roddy Purser Named 2015 Pork All-American
Edward Dail Named 2015 Outstanding Pork Producer
Ray Simmons Named Environmental Steward Winner
Bacon Bash Brings Home the Bacon for NCPC PAC
2015 Student Internship Program
2015 North Carolina Pork Council Scholarship

NC Pork Report - Spring 2015