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The Babe Ruth of 1 2 1. April 2, 2016, during the 38th Annual Newport Pig Cookin' Contest, Charlie Meeks (holding trophy) was named as the very first Whole Hog Barbecue Pitmaster of the Year. L to R: Brownie Futrell, Charlie Meeks, NCPC's Deborah Johnson and Charlie Martin. 2. Charlie Meeks, ready to be judged, stands next to his contest entry for the 2015 Whole Hog Barbecue Championship in Raleigh. 3. One of Charlie Meeks' prized cookers, which is garage-kept, is admirably named "Ole Faithful." 4. Judges get ready to judge the last pig of the day in Newport, North Carolina, as a part of the 38th Annual Newport Pig Cookin' Contest. 3 1 4 | S ummER 2016 | NC PORK RE PORT | NCPORK.ORG 4 http://www.NCPORK.ORG

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NC Pork Report - Summer 2016