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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT Ensuring viability in pork production and agriculture I t iS Summertime, aNd there haS BeeN a lot haPPeNiNg at the North Carolina Pork Council (NCPC), and I am sure you have been busy on your farms and in your communities as well. Recently, a delegation of NCPC members joined forces with producers from other states and the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) in Washington, D.C., to visit with members of Congress. NPPC works daily on many issues that impact the pork industry, and during our Capitol Hill visits we were providing reinforcement to the NPPC efforts. Here are some of the issues we discussed during visits in the offices of seven of our U.S. House members and two U.S. Senators. Foot and MoutH disease (FMd) Vaccine Bank stephen Williamson 2016 NCPC President "The NCFF organization needs our support of its work being done to strengthen North Carolina citizens' positive understanding of what hog farmers do..." I think we can all agree that the PEDv outbreak showed how vulnerable the U.S. livestock industry is to diseases coming from other countries. If we were to have a FMD outbreak, it would be devastating to our livestock industry with long-lasting effects. We must find ways to be prepared if such an event were to occur, and more importantly, be diligent in using our bio-security procedures to prevent such an occurrence. Building a strong vaccine bank to address the need for millions of vaccine doses in the event of a medium- or large-scale outbreak is essential, and NPPC wants Congress to appropriate at least $5 million to kick off this effort. coMBating antiBiotic Resistant BacteRia (caRB) CARB is an initiative designed to better understand antibiotic-resistant bacteria and ways to prevent it through data collection of how much, and the ways, we currently use antibiotics in food animal production. Adequate funding for implementing the USDA Antimicrobial Resistance Plan is needed, and additional funds are needed for antimicrobial resistance and alternatives research. Trans-Pacific ParTnershiP (TPP) NPPC is a strong supporter of free trade and led the ag community in supporting TPP and getting Japan included. Expanded exports, as a result of the TPP, will be of great benefit to U.S. pork producers. Some outstanding issues related to TPP are being addressed, and we are urging support for moving forward on a strong, marketopening TPP this year. continued on page 9 NCPORK .ORG | NC PORK REPOR T | SummER 2 016 | 7

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