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Feature Profile: Megan Spence M egan Sutton Spence is a proud North Carolina hog farmer. Born and bred in Eastern North Carolina, the 27-year-old lives and works alongside her family at Sutton Family Swine and Poultry, LLC. The only child of Mike and Nannette, Megan wasn't always sure she'd work on the farm where she grew up, but after graduating from East Carolina University, she returned home to take a prominent place in the family business. Megan manages the swine portion of the farm and sometimes assists in the poultry business. She also helps tend to the soybean, wheat and corn crops as V O LU TION A R Y R E More than a product, EDGE™ is a platform designed to evolve and expand with you and your operation for years to come. A E E C L TI ON TRIP L YE R PR O T Visit to see how the EDGE™ can revolutionize the control of your operation. 20 NC Pork Report * w w w .n c p o r k .o r g 763119_Automated.indd 1 needed alongside her father, uncle Gary, cousin Garrett and their farmhands. The Sutton Family's farm has been up and running for more than 30 years. Originally, Megan's grandfather (known to the family as Big Daddy), purchased small tracts of land, and cleared those tracts himself so he and his sons could make a living farming the land. Megan has fond memories of growing up on the land she now helps tend. She and her cousins "feel like we had the best childhood anyone could have. We took full advantage of all the nature and space we had access to, and we treated the farm animals just like we treated our pets. We were, also, able to spend countless hours riding tractors and combines with our dads." Megan holds her current job in high regard as well. About a year ago, the Suttons began growing multiplication pigs for Smithfield Foods - basically female breeding stock. The process of generating new pigs requires close attention and heavy biosecurity. Megan says she feels honored the company entrusts her family with this responsibility. "I feel most accomplished when we have a sick pig that we can bring back to health by treating them and giving them extra care. I love to see those pigs completely healthy again. It also feels good to know we have a (small) hand in feeding the world." When asked what Megan would like North Carolinians to remember about her and her fellow hog farmers she remarked, "We're a normal family striving to make a good life for ourselves just like anyone else. Our farm is our home. We do what it takes to take care of our land, our animals and the buildings the animals are housed in. Just like any other person tends to their home, yard, and vehicles we do the exact same on our farm, but only on a bigger scale. We mostly rest on Sundays. However, the animals still have to be tended to seven days a week. Whether it is a big or small job, there is always something that needs to be done! This is our livelihood. It's what we know. It's who we are." Megan, her husband Will and their dog Lucy live at the Sutton Family Farm near Goldsboro. 20/08/15 2:54 am

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