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Feature NCPC and Chinese Representatives Travel to Meet in Both Countries I n late May, Shuanghui International and Smithfield Foods announced they had entered into a merger agreement. Just four months after the announcement, which created interest across the world and especially in the livestock/meat sector, the sales was finalized. With the closing of the transaction, the company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shuanghui International Holdings Limited, operating as Smithfield Foods. As part of a week-long mission led by the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDA&CS), the NC Pork Council's Deborah Johnson and pork producer Jan Archer traveled to China in July. Their trip included a day of visits and tours with Shuanghui representatives. July Trip to China Self-Owned Stores: Shuanghui Commercial Chain was established in 1999 to operate the self-owned stores of Shuanghui. This store is located in Luohe in Henan province. Shuanghui's products include chilled meat, meat products and other related products. While touring one of the Shuanghui plants in July, NC pork producer Jan Archer, along with Dr. Richard Reich of NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and Ralph Bean of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, sample some of the meat products processed there. 14 NC Pork Report * w w w .n c p o r k .o r g In addition to tours of company-owned and operated facilities in July, the NC Pork Council's Deborah Johnson and Jan Archer, NCDA&CS officials and USDA Foreign Agricultural Service's Ralph Bean sat down with leaders of Shuanghui International in their headquarters in Luohe. In the meeting, Chairman Wan reaffirmed his commitment to maintaining Smithfield's management team, operations and employment agreements as well as upholding the company's industryleading safety standards and significant philanthropic efforts. The delegation representing NCPC, NCDA&CS, and USDA-FAS was welcomed at the headquarters of Shuanghui International.

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Message from the President: A Year of Successes and Challenges
Industry News
NCPC and Chinese Representatives Travel to Meet in Both Countries
2013 Pork Chop Shop: A Truly Grand Finale
Report from the 2013 State Fair Livestock Shows
Brandon Moore Represents U.S. Agriculture Abroad
NCPC Associate Members Meet for Update
Costco Partnership: Small Investment Brings Notable Increase in Pork Sales
NCPC Sponsors Professional Hot Foods Competition
Cooking Their Way to Victory
Tar Heel Pork Challenge a Highlight of Two NC Fairs
Pork Chop Open Results
Make Your Reservations Now for 2014 NC Pork Conference

NC Pork Report - Winter 2013