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Feature 2013 Pork Chop Shop: A Truly Grand Finale A nd a grand finale it was. Or, as Merriam-Webster says: it was a very exciting and impressive ending. More than 17,000 people came through the "doors" of the Pork Chop Shop at the 2013 NC State Fair. This year's Pork Chop Shop was a bit celebratory and a bit bittersweet as we saw many new faces and saw some old friends, too. Our customers came out in droves for their traditional and favorite meal at the fair. We were glad to welcome them as we marked the 25th anniversary with the announcement that the Pork Chop Shop, as they know it, would not be returning in 2014. Our final customers didn't necessarily travel far, but they definitely knew where The Grand Finale at a Glance More than 17,000 attendees enjoyed: * 2,600 lbs. of pork loin * 2,800 lbs. of barbecue * 3,300 hot dogs * 1,600 lbs. of slaw * 140 lbs. of chili * 2,300 lbs. of green beans * 3,200 lbs. of potatoes * 1,200 lbs. of apples 16 NC Pork Report * w w w .n c p o r k .o r g they were going. Mark and Laura Gunter confessed that they hurried over trying to get to the Pork Chop Shop before the 8 p.m. closing time. They've brought their kids with them before, but this particular night they were dining alone. They had heard that it was the last year of the Pork Chop Shop and knew they had to make the trek one last time. "We've been coming here for a number of years," said Mark "and we always come before we leave." In total, those loyal customers, along with the other 17,000 folks who came to the Pork Chop Shop, ate more than 5,000 pounds of pork. Our dedicated cook team - led by Rick Garrett and assisted by his brother Tom Garrett and his sonin-law Jason Rivenbark - hardly had time to sit down throughout the 11 days. It was a record-breaking year that will go down in history for many reasons. We were once again graciously supported by Smithfield with the donation of the pork loin we served. Atkinson Milling donated all of the hushpuppy mix we used; to underestimate the draw of the Sweet Betsy hushpuppies would be a mistake! The Neese family was generously supportive in allowing us to take one of their little green trucks off the road for a full two weeks so we could store our cold products for the duration of the fair. Without the support of these generous folks, the Pork Chop Shop would not be nearly as successful year after year. But the primary thanks goes to our tireless volunteers - not just those who came out in 2013, but those who have supported us throughout the years ... those who have "their regular shift" or "regular day" and we know we can count on without question and those individuals we can call in a pinch to fill a hole here or there if we realize we're a little short on help. It has been an industry effort for 25 years and this year was no different. And for that, we thank you all. As we look forward to what 2014 and beyond will bring for NCPC and pork industry at the NC State Fair, please let us know what you would like to see. We are dedicated to supporting the fair and continuing to promote North Carolina pork producers and pork products as well the agricultural industry as a whole.

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Message from the President: A Year of Successes and Challenges
Industry News
NCPC and Chinese Representatives Travel to Meet in Both Countries
2013 Pork Chop Shop: A Truly Grand Finale
Report from the 2013 State Fair Livestock Shows
Brandon Moore Represents U.S. Agriculture Abroad
NCPC Associate Members Meet for Update
Costco Partnership: Small Investment Brings Notable Increase in Pork Sales
NCPC Sponsors Professional Hot Foods Competition
Cooking Their Way to Victory
Tar Heel Pork Challenge a Highlight of Two NC Fairs
Pork Chop Open Results
Make Your Reservations Now for 2014 NC Pork Conference

NC Pork Report - Winter 2013