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Industry News New Pork Task Force to Develop 2020 Plan NC's Jan Archer Will Serve T he National Pork Board has named a new task force that will examine consumer needs, animal care, sustainable pork production and other current challenges facing the industry to define a future vision of the Pork Checkoff and, on a larger scale, the entire pork industry. Beginning December 2013 the yearlong planning process will review research, market data and opinions of industry leaders to set a strategic vision that will carry the organization from 2015 through 2020. The primary goal is to assess the Pork Checkoff's role in an ever-changing world and set the priorities that can help pork producers better meet customer needs. The current five-year strategic plan was unveiled in 2009 and will be complete next year. Through that process, the Pork Checkoff defined three critical issues, including: protecting a producer's freedom to operate, enhancing U.S. and international consumer demand for pork and making U.S. pork producers more competitive in the global marketplace. For the first time, the planning process will bring together pork producers, animal health experts, packers, processors and food distributors, and foodservice and retail experts. By involving key leaders from both pork production and its allied industries, the National Pork Board expects diverse opinions to inform its deliberations. The process will use a variety of tools to engage stakeholders in the planning process, including providing an opportunity for each of the more than 60,000 U.S. pork producers to participate by answering surveys and submitting opinions. The task force will collect valuable information from farmers, customers and supply chain partners. To facilitate a dialogue on the future of the pork industry, pork producers can email comments to WhatIf? about how the Pork Checkoff can best strengthen tomorrow's industry. The participants in the National Pork Board's strategic planning task force include: * Board president Karen Richter and board vice president Dale Norton * Board members Jan Archer and Glen Walters * Roy Lee Lindsey, executive director, Oklahoma Pork Council * Randy Spronk, president, National Pork Producers Council * Dr. Jay Akridge, dean of agriculture, Purdue University * Pork producers Robert Dykhuis, James Heimerl, and Dr. Craig Rowles, DVM * Rich Gallant, vice president, Cargill Meat Solutions * Joe Jordon, vice president, Domino's Pizza * Joe Swedberg, vice president, Hormel Foods * Leann Saunders, president, Where Food Comes From, Inc. * Rick Parker, director, JBS USA * Michael Skahill, vice president, Smithfield Foods PorkSquaresm is Unveiled P is an interactive, social media-driven website that focuses on young professionals interested in careers in the pork industry. The website is a "onestop shop" for educational growth and internship information regarding the pork industry. PorkSquaresm is a vehicle to build relationships for young professionals and industry leaders. Students create profiles allowing them to search industry internships, scholarships, universities, career information 8 NC P ork R eport * w w w .n c p o r k .o r g and much more. Companies and universities may also create profiles that will allow them to search out young candidates who fit their business needs. By providing a network that allows young professionals to be in direct contact with pork industry leaders and producers, PorkSquare is bridging the gap in communication and building relationships. The ultimate goal is to connect companies with young people who are engaged in and passionate about the pork industry. PorkSquare is managed by the Pork Checkoff and industry sponsors including the North Carolina Pork Council. See PorkSquare is the virtual town square for linking pork industry professionals to their next generation of promising young leaders. continued on page 10

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Message from the President: A Year of Successes and Challenges
Industry News
NCPC and Chinese Representatives Travel to Meet in Both Countries
2013 Pork Chop Shop: A Truly Grand Finale
Report from the 2013 State Fair Livestock Shows
Brandon Moore Represents U.S. Agriculture Abroad
NCPC Associate Members Meet for Update
Costco Partnership: Small Investment Brings Notable Increase in Pork Sales
NCPC Sponsors Professional Hot Foods Competition
Cooking Their Way to Victory
Tar Heel Pork Challenge a Highlight of Two NC Fairs
Pork Chop Open Results
Make Your Reservations Now for 2014 NC Pork Conference

NC Pork Report - Winter 2013