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P R E S I DE N T 'S M E S S AG E New NENA President Looks to the Future Christy Williams NENA President Long ago, I learned the value of getting involved and volunteering. I was a 20-year-old college intern who was thrilled to have landed a job at Tarrant County 9-1-1 District as a public educator. That is where I got my start in this industry. Tarrant County 9-1-1 is where 9-1-1 got into my blood. As I look back, I remember two important lessons they taught me. Enjoy your work and get involved. Those lessons ended up becoming core values that I still believe in today. I moved on to work for the North Central Texas Council of Governments and have been there for over 23 years. I quickly became involved in NENA on a state level and by 1999, I was appointed to the NENA Educational Advisory Board, where I got my first taste of NENA on a national level. I am blessed to be a part of this wonderful industry and of NENA, which is an Association made up of great people. I have had many members mentor and support me in my professional growth. There is great value in the networking opportunities NENA provides. ENJOY YOUR WORK AND GET INVOLVED. THOSE LESSONS ENDED UP BECOMING At the national level in recent years, we've focused CORE VALUES on making NENA financially strong. We have built THAT I STILL bridges of cooperation with members of Congress, BELIEVE IN the FCC, and other agencies. Our CEO, staff, and TODAY. board have done a really good job in addressing issues inherent with implementing 9-1-1. Now, we are ready to take the next step as an Association with the implementation of formal strategic planning at the national level. In the next 12 months, we want to make sure our volunteers, the members of our committees, and the state chapters are familiar with NENA's "big picture" goals and objectives. In this way, together, we can work toward the same things. Strategic planning focuses our energy and ensures that we do not duplicate efforts. NENA stands ready for improvement in all areas of the Association. We understand that reinventing ourselves keeps us current and at a maximum level of productivity. I commit to working with our members and volunteers in making NENA the best it can be. My husband, the Eagle Scout, taught me that you always leave a place better than you found it. That is my goal over the next year - but not as an individual; we must foster this improvement together. The NENA Board has already identified some of the goals we will address this coming year. One of these goals revolves around Next Generation 9-1-1. I have seen a lot of apathy and resistance to Next Generation 9-1-1. We want to change that! NENA has always been the go-to association for 9-1-1 professionals. NENA continues to educate people to see the value and benefits of moving forward with Next Generation 9-1-1. We are providing resources to encourage people to actually implement Next Generation 9-1-1. Along with that comes education, training, and building standards. NENA will continue to work in partnership and collaboration with other organizations in public safety to get forward movement of Next Generation 9-1-1. It will take all of us working as a team to make this dream a reality. Let us stop just talking about it and make it happen! At our membership meeting in Nashville in June, a bylaw change was adopted to add a telecommunicator membership designation. NENA recognizes that 9-1-1 telecommunicators are not just in a job, but a career; and in many cases, a calling. I am excited to see how NENA can assist in fostering the development of this special membership category. The TC Caucus has already started holding monthly conference calls and discussing membership benefits. One of my favorite catch-phrases is "NENA is the voice of 9-1-1." Right now, more than ever, you can be the voice of 9-1-1. You are on the ground floor with the new technology that is changing the face of public safety communications. You can be part of the solution. By getting involved, you can write the policies, determine the protocols, and pioneer the best practices. As a member of NENA, you have the opportunity to play a role in the future of 9-1-1. My dear departed friend, Ron Cottingham, used to always say, "There are people who work in 9-1-1 and there are 9-1-1 people." Which are you? I issue a challenge to each and every one of you. It's the same challenge I received as an intern so many years ago in Tarrant County: Love what you do. Let your passion shine through. Get involved, because the more you give, the more you receive. Make things better. Serve well. I am honored to serve as your Board President. I believe in education, collaboration, planning, implementation, and improvement. I commit to provide transparency and accountability. With your help and support, together, we will continue to be the voice of 9-1-1. Saddle up your horses - we've got trails to blaze! ● Read the digital edition at 9

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Wireless E9-1-1 Location: A Primer on Fixes, Uncertainty, And Confidence
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