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F ROM T H E C E O Membership has its Perks By birth or by choice, we are all members of a variety of groups. I learned very early in life that I was a member of my family and, like other family members, I had duties and responsibilities that were commensurate with my abilities. At any given moment, the quality of day-to-day family life was based on each member's contributions. Brian Fontes NENA Chief Executive Officer Likewise, I was taught during my formative years about the values of belonging to a group. Growing up in the central valley of California and being of Portuguese descent, I quickly learned about all the festivals and parades that celebrated my heritage. Participation in these cultural events required work, but being part of a group with a common identity and cause was extremely rewarding. Through the years, we continue to have opportunities to be members of organizations - high school clubs, religious congregations, social and civic organizations, and sports teams to name a few. For those groups, we choose to join; we do so for a reason. The more active you are in an organization, the more value you gain from your membership. This is true of your membership in NENA as well. Membership in NENA has its perks - professional, educational, and social benefits you can't get anywhere else. As a member of NENA, you are part of an organization that shares your commitment to serve the public; one that works to help you and everyone in 9-1-1 achieve our shared objective of delivering the best and most efficient service to citizens in their times of need. As a member of NENA, you set the bar by which excellence in our industry is measured. You develop and participate in training initiatives that both launch and advance careers. You join with your peers in calling for stronger 9-1-1 policies at the local, state, and national levels. You participate in committees and working groups that develop the standards, documents, and other resources that are shepherding 9-1-1 into the Next Generation. You attend our annual events - 9-1-1 Goes to Washington, the NENA Development Conference, and the annual Conference and Expo - where thousands each year network and engage in activities focused on both professional development and the advancement of key activities to improve 9-1-1. In short, your participation in NENA makes a difference. Through your engagement, you become a better professional and your community becomes safer and stronger. This fall, NENA is launching a membership drive to retain existing members and to recruit new ones. For any organization, the most successful recruiting campaigns are inevitably those where existing members play an active role. We at NENA Headquarters will reach out to everyone we can, and we will have success. However, for us to truly take NENA to the next level, we need your help. So please - talk to your colleagues about the benefits and value of NENA membership. They will listen to you and value your advice. As a quick reminder, here are just a few of the many benefits of NENA membership: * Members get value: NENA members receive the biggest savings on conferences, courses, certifications, and webinars. * Members get current: NENA members stay informed about the latest issues and trends via digital and print publications and resources that cover all aspects of 9-1-1. * Members get connected: NENA membership makes it easy to connect with colleagues and network with 9-1-1 leaders and experts both locally and nationally. * Members get ahead: NENA members have access to industry-best education and certification programs to gain the skills necessary for career advancement. * Members get involved: NENA members can participate in committees and working groups to provide leadership and help shape the future of 9-1-1. Please note that as we kick off this membership drive, you will see a slight increase in the cost of membership - about what you pay for a meal at a fast food restaurant - and you will also see additional exclusive member benefits launched in the coming year. Membership rates were last raised by NENA's Board in 2011, and, just as your household expenses have increased since then, so have NENA's. We are making every effort to contain the costs associated with running the organization and maximize the amount we are able to put back into providing you with a first-rate member experience. For those of you who have already renewed, thank you for your support. Take pride in your membership, and be active. Your participation in NENA benefits you, your colleagues, and our profession. Again thank you for making NENA an outstanding organization. Your membership in NENA is the reason for our success. ● Read the digital edition at 11

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