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F E AT U R E STRESS IN THE 9-1-1 CENTER CAN YOU IDENTIFY STRESS IN YOUR TEAM MEMBERS? By Dan L. Lewis, ENP Reedy Creek Emergency Services, Lake Buena Vista, FL A quick Internet search for the term "stress" returns thousands of links and articles that attempt to define, diagnose, and even offer treatment options for stress, but none agree completely on the real definition. This paper uses the broad definition provided by Alia Crum, Peter Salovey, and Shawn Achor (2013): "Stress can generally be considered as the experience of anticipating or encountering adversity in one's goal-related efforts." 18 | THE CALL | FALL 2013 The "adversity" can take many forms in 9-1-1 centers. Call takers and dispatchers deal with critical incidents on a daily basis with an overarching goal of saving lives and preventing situations from deteriorating. When faced with challenges that either complicate or impede the process of achieving the desired goals, the call takers and dispatchers experience stress. According to the Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clinic Staff 2012), stress can impact your

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