The Call - Winter 2016 - 13


Strategic Planning and Engagement
Under a New Administration
By the time this issue of The Call reaches you,
Washington will be drastically changed. We'll
have a new acting chair at the FCC, a new
Congress, and a new President. While it's too
early to say exactly what these changes may
mean for administration policies related to
9‑1‑1, it's never too early to think strategically
about how we can engage with our nation's
new leadership.
Trey Forgety
NENA Government
Affairs Director

Fortunately, 9‑1‑1 lies at the intersection
of three clearly‑announced priorities
of the incoming Trump Administration:
infrastructure, "law and order," and national
security. Although there are open questions
about whether, and to what extent, these
priorities may or may not align with those
of key congressional groups, there are early
signs that at least some new infrastructure
spending may be authorized. As Congress
debates infrastructure Bills, it will be
critical for the 9‑1‑1 community to directly
engage members and staff to ensure that
9‑1‑1-and especially NG9‑1‑1-receive
particular emphasis.
To support those efforts, NENA placed our
own emphasis on infrastructure during the
2017 edition of 9‑1‑1 Goes to Washington.
We've also been working with our partners in
the NG9‑1‑1 Now Coalition to advance new
legislation aimed at helping states, localities,
and PSAPs dramatically accelerate the NG
transition. These efforts at the national level
cannot succeed, however, without significant
and sustained participation by our members.
For congressional staff, Representatives, and
Senators, meetings with constituents are the
single best motivating factor when deciding
whether to back legislative proposals. Given
the ascendancy of infrastructure as a national
policy issue, we believe that timely constituent
contacts can have an even bigger impact this
year. To help support you in these efforts, we
have a variety of materials that you can use
to support our efforts whether you attended
GTW or not.

On our YouTube page
( you can find a
series of free webinars. These include detailed
information about how Congress works and
how to be an effective educator for both
members and staff. In addition, the webinars
cover the detailed language you can use
to cast 9‑1‑1 improvements in the critical
vernacular of the moment: infrastructure,
law‑and‑order, and national security. And,
you'll find a detailed timeline for developing
and keeping‑up congressional contacts
throughout the year.
In other Washington news, NENA is
paying close attention to key presidential
appointments in the departments of
Homeland Security, Defense, Justice,
Commerce, Transportation, and at the FCC. An
old saw in Washington says that "personnel is
policy." Experience bears this out, and we'll be
watching to see who lands where. We'll also be
working directly with the new administration
to recommend personnel actions that will
benefit the 9‑1‑1 community over the next four
years. As individual "Plum Book" appointments
become public, we hope you'll also keep us
appraised of any new administration personnel
with whom you have a personal relationship.
Changes here in Washington will also drive
changes at the state level: Based on feedback
from congressional leadership, and past
statements by FCC commissioners, we believe
that action on Multi‑Line Telephone Systems
(MLTS) is now unlikely at the federal level. As
a result, we will be working with chapters to
increase state‑level advocacy on this issue. It
is unacceptable that this one narrow aspect
of telecommunications still, in 2017, does not
universally support critical safety features
like accurate location and direct access to
9‑1‑1. We must now make that case to state
legislatures, and work to ensure the safety
of office workers everywhere. Stay tuned for
those materials and much more as the "new
Washington" takes shape. ●

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