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Automated reports that highlight performance gaps and trends.


Playback call recordings directly within Priority Dispatch AQUA
Evolution and APCO 911 Adviser - double your QA case review
productivity by not having to waste time toggling back and forth
between systems.

You've probably heard the saying "strength in numbers." Today's tier
1 technology companies such as NICE offer user groups as a way for
their customers to provide and receive peer-to-peer support. User
groups also give customers a way to suggest product enhancements, share best practices, participate in education and training,
network with other members, join discussion forums, ask questions
and get answers - so they can get the most of their technology today while preparing for what's next. When evaluating potential Next
Gen Recording partners, look for a company with an established user
group community.

6. Strength, Experience and Staying Power
In public safety communications, the landscape may be dramatically
shifting, but one thing remains the same: 9-1-1 is mission-critical. You
need a Next Gen Recording Partner that has the strength, experience
and staying power to support you along the way. Here are some things
to look for: 

Financial Strength & Stability - Look for a strong, stable and profitable company with demonstrated staying power. Weed out smaller,
undercapitalized, fly-by-night vendors. Make sure your Next Gen Recording Partner is in it for the long-haul.


IP Experience - IP is the future. Look for a company that has strategic partnerships with leading NG IP telephony and radio vendors, and significant experience in both VoIP and RoIP recording.
Who is the company strategically partnered up with? Are the
company's solutions fully integrated, tested and certified? How
many channels of VoIP and RoIP recording has the company successfully deployed?


R&D Investment - How much does the company reinvest back into
R&D? How big is its R&D organization? Does it hold any relevant patents? Does it have a record of innovation and growth, both organically and through strategic acquisitions? Does the company have a
future roadmap that aligns with your vision and needs?


Comprehensive Service & Support - Finally, make sure the Next
Gen Recording Partner you choose backs up its innovative solutions
with outstanding service and support, whether it's provided directly
or through authorized support partners. How large and skilled are
the vendors service and support resource teams, and how will they
support you before, during and after your installation?

NICE Inform Evaluator automatically selects and assigns calls for evaluation
alongside the electronic QA evaluation form.

4. Audio Analytics: Identify Errors, Risks and Training
Opportunities Earlier
In an emergency communications center, there is no room for mistakes.
Ensuring telecommunicator compliance to protocols, reducing liability
and improving quality and efficiency of emergency response are all
critical. Today, one hundred percent of 9-1-1 calls are recorded but only
a fraction of calls are ever listened to. Audio analytics is about to change
this. Audio analytics can empower your PSAP to:



Detect Risks Earlier - You can reduce your PSAP's liability risk and
stay out of the headlines by finding improperly handled calls and
remedying problems before they get out of hand. For example, are
your telecommunicators being argumentative, or using abusive/
foul language?  Are they disconnecting callers and forcing them to
call back? Are they making promises to callers that could create a
false sense of security?
Expedite Searches and Investigations - Search across all communications for spoken keywords and phrases to uncover hidden evidence. For example, if a description of a suspect was given, use that
descriptive terminology to search for any related 9-1-1 calls. This
investigative approach could even lead to finding more witnesses,
or earlier calls involving other crimes that the suspect could have
been involved in.
Ensure Quality and Compliance - Protocols take the guesswork
out of emergency call handling. But when protocols aren't followed
to the letter, mistakes can and do happen. With audio analytics you
can ensure all procedures are being followed according to specific
compliance requirements and identify non-compliant employees for remediation. You can monitor 100% of communications to
proactively identify compliance issues before they become systemic problems. For example, are your telecommunicators omitting
mandatory questions?  Are they transferring calls without staying
on script?

As the market leader with a 30-year track record, NICE has deployed a
million-plus channels of IP recording, employs over 80 R&D professionals dedicated to public safety alone, and has an extensive ecosystem of
certified implementation and support engineers, along with dozens of
experienced regional partners.

Making the right decision about your
next Next Gen Recording Partner has
never been more time sensitive or critical.
Follow the 6 must-haves guidelines above
and your choice will be easier.

5. User Groups: Strength in Numbers
As noted, text-to-911, NG9-1-1 and public safety LTE are fundamentally
altering public safety communications. In this disruptive, dynamic environment it's more important than ever that PSAP leaders have a forum
to share information and ideas, and learn from each other.


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