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Guidelines for the Preparation of Papers for Publication in the Journal of the New England Water Works Association General Information The Journal of NEWWA will consider papers for publication which are pertinent to the drinking water field and are presented before a meeting of the association; or are solicited by the editors or Program Committee from knowledgeable individuals but which may not be formally presented at a meeting of the association; or are papers of general interest to the water works industry. Unsolicited papers are received with the understanding that they have not been published nor are they under consideration by any other publication. If a paper is not scheduled for publication within one year following its receipt, the author(s) may request its return and this will be done promptly. Editorial Policy The Journal reserves the right to edit all papers for style, grammar, and readability. All papers must be written in a factual and objective manner. If specific services or products are involved, it is preferred to have the paper written from the perspective of the user of the service or product. Galley proofs will be sent to authors for review before publication, and each author will receive two complimentary copies of the Journal in which the paper appears. Reprints of papers can be arranged at the time of publication at the author's expense. Published papers, unless otherwise noted, become the property of the association and will be copyrighted as part of the Journal. Content of the paper is the responsibility of the author; the association as a body and the editors are not responsible for the content of published papers. Organization of the Manuscript The cover page of the paper must contain the title of the paper, the author's name(s), current titles and affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, email address, and the circumstances of submission, such as name and specific date of conference presentation or date of submission. The paper must start with an Abstract of no more than 100 words. The text should be subdivided by major headings such as, but not necessarily limited to, Introduction, Discussion, Results, Summary, Conclusions, etc. References References should be limited to those cited within the paper and should be listed separately at the end of the paper by number in the order of notation in the text. Chemical Abstracts style is followed. For example: Book - Author's last name, initials. Title of book. Publisher, place published (year of publication). Government publication - Title of reference. Publication's name and number. Agency's name, city, state (date). Journal Citations - Author's last name, initials. Title of article. Name of journal (spell out), volume number; issue number; beginning page number of article (month and year of publication). Submittal of Papers Papers should be submitted by email to Peter Karalekas, Jr., Editor, at and Jacqui Campana at Papers should be prepared in Microsoft Word for Windows format. Tables, graphs, charts, diagrams, and photos should also be submitted electronically in high resolution format (minimum 300 dpi) as .eps, .jpg, or .tif. Photographs can be color or black and white. Spreadsheet files and charts are accepted in Microsoft Excel format. Journal NEWWA June 2015 147

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Cyanobacteria in Reservoirs: Causes, Consequences, Controls
With a Little Help from our Friends: Collaborating to Protect a Water Supply
Salem's Folly Hill Reservoir: Inspecting and Rehabilitating a Century-Old Concrete Tank
Restrained Joint Ductile Iron Pipe Proven Reliable for Stressful Utility Installations
Water System Profile: Southington, Connecticut Water System
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Guidelines for the Preparation of Papers for Publication in the Journal of the New England Water Works Association
Guidelines for the Peer Review Option of the Papers Appearing in the Journal of the New England Water Works Association
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Journal of The New England Water Works Association - June 2015