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ON THE COVER Southington Water Department Headquarters Southington, Connecticut The photograph on the cover shows the Southington Water Department's (SWD) new headquarters, which were constructed in 2005 as part of a well-head protection project. There is a production well at SWD's prior location, so the push for new administration space and a crew garage was to get the high volume traffic/activity away from the well head, and create a low impact park at that location. The new building measures 28,000 square feet: 8,000 for administrative staff, and 20,000 for the garage and operations crew. In addition to almost 200 miles of water transmission and distribution mains, the SWD system includes seven active groundwater wells, three reservoirs, six storage tanks, two pump stations, and a surface water treatment plant. The Town of Southington recently completed system improvements that include the new 2,000,000 gallon ground based Mariondale Drive water storage tank at the town's water treatment plant. The new storage tank replaced an existing welded steel tank that had several failing structural members. A preliminary analysis of the existing tank indicated that a new pre-stressed concrete water storage tank would be more economical than repairing the existing tank and maintaining the coating system over the life cycle of the tank. The preliminary design identified the appropriate geometry of the tank that would maximize available storage within the tank for both summer and winter operating conditions. The new tank was also required to meet the Connecticut detention time for disinfection. The new tank was constructed within the footprint of the existing tank. Construction was required on a small site with existing utilities and vaults that could not be relocated. Information courtesy of: Tighe & Bond, Inc. Southington Water Department Photograph courtesy of Southington Water Department Journal NEWWA June 2015 9a

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