Journal of The New England Water Works Association - December 2018 - intro

With over 50 years of valve design and manufacturing Val-Matic has successfully
provided innovated products. The Surgebuster® Check valve is one of these
products thus becoming the welcomed solution to applications experiencing valve
slam with conventional swing check or cushioned check valves. Slam occurs after
pump stoppage, when the system flow reverses back towards the pump before
the valve is fully closed. Once the valve closes, this causes a sudden stoppage
of the column of water and resultant water hammer, which has the potential to
cause serious damage to the pumping system. The Surgebuster® Check valve
is a superior check valve that closes quickly to help eliminate slam. It works by
achieving rapid closure through a short disc stroke of 35 Degree and allows for
100% full flow area. The Surgebuster® is equipped with a Disc Accelerator which is
a precision-formed stainless steel mechanism that works by closing the valve disc
rapidly thus, minimizing flow reversal and resultant water hammer. In New England
2" through 42" Surgebuster® have been installed in water as well as wastewater
applications achieving credibility and success where other valves have failed.
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