Constructor - January/February 2015 - (Page 36)

The International Terminal Docking Facility under construction. A sheetpile cofferdam surrounds the SS Pasley. Photo credit: Dan Bigelow, Sky-Shots. Sunken Ships ENVIRONMENTAL CLEANUP PROJECT SAVES PORT FROM DROWNING Crews broke down the SS Pasley from the bow to stern within the coffer dam. Photo credit: Dan Bigelow, Sky-Shots. 36 constructor | Jan u ary/ Febru ary 2015 An aerial shot of the completed project. The horseshoe shape seen at the right side is the stern of the SS Hennebique rising up from the paving. Photo credit: Dan Bigelow, Sky-Shots.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Constructor - January/February 2015

Construction Industry to Get Wet With New Definition of ‘Waters of the U.S.’
Working for a Living
Moving in the Right Direction
Legalization of Marijuana: Feeling the Effects in a Zero-Tolerance Industry
Where You Need to Be
Sunken Ships: Environmental Cleanup Project Saves Port From Drowning
The Digitized Highway
Missouri Contractors Associations Merge to Build a Better Future
A New Year and a Great Time to Decide: Top-Line Growth Versus Intelligent Growth

Constructor - January/February 2015