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a new year and a Great Time to Decide: VS Top-line Growth Intelligent Growth by TOM eMISOn COnSTruCTIOn InDuSTry COnSuLTInG DIreCTOr eIDe baILLy As we begin A new yeAr - a year that promises continued but gradual economic growth - let's explore the "bigger is better" problem: the top-line growth myth that seems to entrap construction company leaders; the corporate fixation on the top line; the flawed idea that top-line growth is always (and inherently) good. It's easy for top executives to extoll the virtues and the importance of growing the top line of their company. It's positive and exciting. Right now, in some boardrooms across the country, top construction leaders are speaking in top-line growth vocabulary. They assume top-line growth is the most important measure of corporate 62 constructor | Jan u ary/ Febru ary 2015 success. Most of them engage in the same rhetoric: "Our vision is to reach 'X' for overall revenues." No mention of other financial growth metrics. No mention at all of nonfinancial growth metrics. Many of these construction company owners and leaders forget that top-line growth carries with it an entire set of strategic responsibilities

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Construction Industry to Get Wet With New Definition of ‘Waters of the U.S.’
Working for a Living
Moving in the Right Direction
Legalization of Marijuana: Feeling the Effects in a Zero-Tolerance Industry
Where You Need to Be
Sunken Ships: Environmental Cleanup Project Saves Port From Drowning
The Digitized Highway
Missouri Contractors Associations Merge to Build a Better Future
A New Year and a Great Time to Decide: Top-Line Growth Versus Intelligent Growth

Constructor - January/February 2015