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EDITOR'S NOTE Look Up and Not Down AS AN ETERNAL OPTIMIST, I'm always searching for a glimmer (of hope), a light (at the end of the tunnel), a silver lining (in the dark cloud). It may sound like a nice outlook, but it's not always an easy one. Have you ever started your work week enthusiastic and zealous, only to be beaten down by obstacles? By Thursday, you're dragging yourself into the office and counting the minutes until Friday night's happy hour. Sometimes despite your best intentions, you fi nd yourself looking down and not up. BY JEANIE J. CLAPP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF That's why I was encouraged, as I'm sure you were, upon hearing results of AGC of America's survey, fi nalized earlier this year, revealing a positive construction outlook for 2014. It's time to look up and not down. More than 800 construction professionals participated - folks like you who monitor the bottom line and watch business trends from the front row. Contractors whose words and actions have weight say the year ahead looks promising. Optimism Returns: The 2014 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook is the report AGC released in January that summarizes the fi ndings of the survey. It's interesting to note that for the fi rst time since 2008, when the association began conducting its business outlook survey, a significant number of respondents - 36 percent - believe the construction market will grow this year. Furthermore, an additional 32 percent expect it to grow in 2015. How's that for looking up and not down? But the encouraging news doesn't stop there. Most contractors predict demand will either grow or remain stable in 10 out of the 11 market segments covered by the report. Many fi rms plan to begin hiring in 2014 too, while relatively few plan to start making layoffs. This silver lining, however, surrounds the dark cloud that is the workforce shortage, which weighs heavily on contractors' minds. Nearly two-thirds of fi rms expect it will either become harder or remain as difficult to fi nd qualified construction professionals during the next year. I invite you to read the entire report online: In addition, you can access the survey results, including state-specific data and regional fi ndings. And, AGC's chief economist, Ken Simonson, provides an informative analysis of the survey in this issue of Constructor, which can be found on Page 29. The industry still faces challenges and obstacles ahead, but optimism reigns. There's an encouraging glimmer (of hope), a bright light (at the end of the tunnel) and a shimmering silver lining (around the dark cloud). Let's take the lead and start looking up and not down. ◆ Have a story idea or information you'd like to share with AGC members? Contact me at Look for web exclusives on and follow Constructor on Twitter @ConstructorMag. MA R C H / A P R I L 2 0 1 4 | 11

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Constructor - March/April 2014