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BOOK REVIEW A Better Way to Build NEW BOOK PROVIDES BUSINESS AND CONSTRUCTION HISTORY LESSON BY JEANIE J. CLAPP A BETTER WAY TO BUILD IF YOU’RE ANYTHING LIKE ME, YOUR high school history classes involved memorization of dates, events and names, pages of written notes, and weeks of less-than-thrilling lectures. The experience certainly dulled my interest in history books, as they serve as a nagging reminder of those longago days. Recently, however, I received a copy of A Better Way to Build: A History of the Pankow Companies. I was anticipating a dry read and expecting flashbacks of classroom boredom. But it’s an engaging and entertaining story, and more than a history book. It’s the story of a pioneer. It’s a glimpse at the evolution of the construction industry. And, it’s a study in business history. Written by Michael R. Adamson, an independent historical consultant, and published by the Charles Pankow Foundation, the book chronicles the life of innovator Charles Pankow and his impact on the construction industry. Pankow was introduced to the business of construction at a young age, hanging around his father’s jobsites. He later studied civil engineering at Purdue University and soon thereafter began his construction life. The story covers Pankow’s life, from his early career with Peter Kiewit Sons’ to the formation of his own company a few A History of the Pankow Companies years later and chronicles, in a case-study approach, his innovations that kept projects on track and under budget. But the illustrated hardcover goes beyond covering construction projects. It details Pankow’s business philosophy, his management and leadership style, his customer service approach and demonstrates “Charles Pankow was an innovator who embraced the design-build concept, and he served as a champion of the approach why he was considered a while restoring the master builder to the commercial building site. —Patrick J. Natale, Executive Director, pioneer in his field. American Society of Civil Engineers Known as a leader of the “Michael Adamson chronicles the erratic genius of Charlie Pankow and the construction empire he built in defiance design-build methodology, of management conventions.“ —Walker Lee Evey, Former President, Pankow recognized early on Design-Build Institute of America R ORDE Y the value of a contractor’s OP YOUR C Y! involvement in the design TODA of a project. He educated the building community on this concept one owner at a time, never wavering in his conviction Keep it on your reception coffee table. that this was a more efficient way to Encourage your employees to read it, build than the traditional design-buildespecially the younger generation. This bid approach. Throughout his career, is a book that has the power to inspire he published articles that promoted them to be champions in their fields. At design-build to the construction the very least, it provides readers with community and encouraged institutions a better understanding and appreciation of higher education to incorporate the of the industry. subject matter into their curricula. To order your copy, call (800) 247A Better Way to Build is a must-read 6553 or email for industry professionals. Buy a copy Copies can also be purchased t hrough for your office; keep it in your employee Amazon and Barnes & Noble. eBook break room or in a jobsite trailer. ◆ versions are also available. PURDUE UNIVERSITY PRESS Scan code with your smart phone to find more information. In 2018, AGC of America will celebrate its 100-year anniversary as the leading organization in the construction industry. AGC welcomes your photos and stories as it prepares for this commemorative event. Contact Brian Turmail, executive director, public affairs, AGC of America, at (703) 837-5310 or J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 1 3 | 101

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Editor's Note
President's Message
CEO's Letter
Hire Power
Innovative Ideas Modernize 78-Year-Old Bridge
DeConstructing Social Media
Business Fraud
Challenge Accepted
Stand-Out Safety Program Earns Opp Construction Grand Award
2013 AGC/Willis Construction Safety Excellence Award Winners
2013 Liberty Mutual Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering Awards
Money Isn't Everything
AGC in Action
Wall of Wind
Weathering the Storm
Green, Safe and Fast
Leading the Way
Summing it Up
Tall Orders
Going Interstate? Go NASCLA.
Do the Math
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Technology Toolbox
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Constructor - July/August 2013