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EDITOR’S NOTE Summer Safety BY JEANIE J. CLAPP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF NEWS OF THE DEVASTATION MOTHER NATURE delivered to Oklahoma recently reminds us of the dangers that tornadoes pose. And, as spring turns to summer, Atlantic and Gulf Coast states begin to brace for hurricane season. But Mother Nature’s work is neither seasonal nor selective. Construction professionals across the U.S. must always be prepared for what she might unleash. Even in my corner of the country, where weather conditions are mild, she recently shook the ground and rattled the windows, like a tap on our shoulders, reminding us she’s always nearby. Emergency preparedness is important and requires planning. Constructor asked industry experts to share their insights on keeping sites, employees and equipment safe when forces uncontrollable come to call. You will fi nd that article on Page 68. And, while we know to keep a watchful eye when hurricanes and tornadoes are imminent, we must also remember that Mother Nature lurks around corners, under cover and in disguise, and often takes those unprepared by surprise. Where I live, summertime heat can be a hidden danger. Heat stroke is sometimes unrecognizable at fi rst but can be very serious. Hydration and intermittent breaks are as critical to the safety of a worker as an emergency preparedness plan is. Whether it be fi re danger, heavy rains or earthquakes, we must be mindful of Mother Nature’s capability. For many, summer means vacation. You may be traveling to new places, camping at a favorite spot, or enjoying backyard barbecues. Whatever your choice of relaxation may be, it’s just as important to be watchful when you’re off the job as when you’re on. A seemingly calm lake or inviting river can pose a serious threat to those not prepared for its forces or who may lack the strength to swim to the other side. So go boating, try water skiing or give surfi ng a whirl. But, whether it’s sunscreen, a life jacket, an instructor, or a friend, take steps to ensure a safe and fun outing. A little bit of planning goes a long way. Whether you’re working or playing this summer, may you, your families, your employees, and your jobsites stay safe. ◆ Have a story idea or information you’d like to share with AGC members? Contact me at Look for web exclusives on and follow Constructor on Twitter @ConstructorMag. NAYLOR TEAM PUBLISHER Tom Schell EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jeanie J. Clapp PROJECT MANAGER John Bacon PUBLICATION DIRECTORS Rick Sauers, Jamie Williams MARKETING ASSOCIATE Brianna Martin LAYOUT & DESIGN Deb Churchill Basso SALES REPRESENTATIVES Amanda Blanchard, Jeff Bunkin, Kevin Cawley, Brian Donohoe, Cherie Dubay, Trey Ford, Cliff Gabbard, Tiff any Green, Jake Gregory, Shaun Greyling, Ryan Griffin, Maureen Hays, Chuck Herrholtz, Shane Holt, Jason Hughes, Bill Lovett, Nicholas Manis, Susan Maracle, Norbert Musial, Beth Palmer, Marjorie Pedrick, Christine Ricci, Jason Ruppert, Sam Simon, Eric Singer, Paul Walley, Joseph Watkins, Cheri Witt, William Worley, Mandy Wyrick, Chris Zabel, Jason Zawada, Bryan Zeig Cover photo: © Constructor (ISSN 0162-6191). Volume 95, Issue 4. Published bi-monthly (every other month) by Naylor, LLC, for the Associated General Contractors of America, 2300 Wilson Blvd., Suite 400, Arlington, VA 22201. 2013 Copyright, Associated General Contractors of America. Periodicals Postage Paid at Arlington, VA 22201, and at additional mailing offi ces. Subscriber Service AGC Members must contact AGC directly for address changes and other customer service (703) 837-5341. Nonmember Yearly subscription $99. Single Issues $9. Postmaster Send address changes to CONSTRUCTOR, 2300 Wilson Blvd., Suite 400, Arlington, VA 22201. J U L Y / A U G U S T 2 0 1 3 | 11

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Constructor - July/August 2013