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EDITOR'S NOTE Beyond These Pages WELCOME TO FALL AND the September/October issue of Constructor! BY JEANIE J. CLAPP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF It may seem like it was only yesterday when the last major election took place, but it's been nearly two years. Yes, two years. It's time again to face key political races, but let's not do it from the sidelines. As noted in our cover story, "Elector Set" (found on Page 20), if you want the political scales to tip the industry's way this November, all it takes is education, involvement and action. Be informed, get "in the know" and vote. Be sure to check out the key Congressional races (Page 23) and see if your state is on the list. And know that, beyond these pages, you can find helpful tools at Construction Votes 2014 ( and the AGC Action Center (http://www. to make it easier for you to make a difference. In addition to our election coverage, this issue of Constructor reports on the benefits of integrated project delivery (Page 16), the implications of the new revenue recognition standards (Page 28) and the lowdown on spray polyurethane foam (Page 53). And that's just naming a few. Within these 84 pages, we talk material prices, business development, cool (and wet!) construction projects and more. But it doesn't stop there. There's so much more to the construction story beyond these pages. Did you know that in addition to the print version of Constructor magazine, we publish a monthly online newsletter (, filled with timely topics, legislative and regulatory updates, and member news? It's always housed at www., but be sure to subscribe and receive it automatically so you are kept up to date on both association activities and industry news. In his message (Page 12), AGC President Al Landes talks about the Hiring Our Heroes initiative and mentions the webinars and hiring fairs the program conducts throughout the year. Where can you find more details? You guessed it. Beyond these pages ... in our Constructor eNewsletter. In addition, you'll find more articles on our website: stories on award-winning construction projects, environmental building products (, LEED credentials (, weather hazards ( and more. Each month we upload new content that provides back-pocket solutions and innovative ideas. I hope you enjoy this issue of Constructor and all we offer beyond these pages.  ◆ Have a story idea or information you'd like to share with AGC members? Contact me at Look for web exclusives on and follow Constructor on Twitter @ConstructorMag.  @Constr uctor Ma g S E P T E MB E R / O C T O B E R 2 0 1 4 | 11

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Constructor - September/October 2014

Editor’s Note
President’s Message
CEO’s Letter
All for One and One for All
Elector Set
The Construction Advocacy Fund: Funding the Fight
New Revenue Recognition Standard Developed With Construction Industry Input
Business Development
Enhancing the Design and Impact of Company Websites
Construction’s Crystal Ball
Simonson Says
AGC in Action
Squeaky Clean Construction
Spray Polyurethane Foam: A Candid Look
Technology Toolbox
Legislative and Regulatory News
Member and Chapter News
2014 Insurance Directory
Government Affairs
Index to Advertisers
Final Inspection

Constructor - September/October 2014