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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE How You Can Hire Our Heroes BACK IN JUNE, I had the privilege of BY AL LANDES AGC PRESIDENT Hiring Our Heroes staff members are readily available to chat with your company's HR representative to talk hiring strategy, engagement and recruitment. presenting a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation representative with a check on behalf of AGC in support of a fantastic initiative, Hiring Our Heroes. By now, many of you have already heard about this program - it was launched back in March of 2011 in an effort to help veterans, transitioning service members and military spouses find meaningful employment opportunities. In fact, as of March of this year, the program had over 265,000 confirmed hires. Personally, I think this is something every employer should get behind. I also think our industry is uniquely positioned to advance the efforts to hire those who have served and sacrificed for our country. With our industry on the slow road to recovery, and with many construction firms across the country reporting that they're having a hard time finding skilled workers to fill open positions, there is no reason why we shouldn't all be doing everything we can to find, recruit and hire veterans. AGC has partnered with Hiring Our Heroes as part of the construction industry's effort to add 100,000 veterans over AGC President Al Landes presenting a $10,000 check on behalf of AGC to U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Ross Cohen for the amazing initiative, Hiring Our Heroes. 12 constructor | SEPTEM BER/ O CTO BER 2014 the next five years. But the effort doesn't end with AGC. It is up to us - construction employers nationwide - to get involved. It might seem overwhelming to take on yet another recruitment strategy if you're already having issues finding enough skilled workers for the job. Well, the folks over at Hiring Our Heroes are making it so easy for your company to get started today. Hiring Our Heroes staff members are readily available to chat with your company's HR representative to talk hiring strategy, engagement and recruitment. It's also incredibly easy to find the tools and resources you'll need on their website at w w w. u s c h a m b e r f o u n d a t i o n . o r g / hiring-our-heroes. What's more, if you're a company that has offices in several parts of the country, Hiring Our Heroes has already scheduled job fairs across the country all the way into the New Year. In September alone, there are nearly 20 job fairs scheduled in over a dozen different states. These fairs are set up for both employers and potential hires - as an employer, you'll be able to hear first-hand what you can be doing and meet the veterans and military spouses seeking jobs in your area. And later this month, AGC will be hosting its first Hiring Our Heroes webinar, tailored specifically for AGC member companies. If you're not exactly sure where you should start, you'll be able to hear from both AGC and Hiring Our Heroes staff about how your company can start recruiting and hiring veterans today. No matter how you get involved, I encourage all of you to start somewhere. Our industry has the chance not only to benefit from this program, but to do a world of good. Even if your company isn't in a position to start hiring just yet, we all have a duty to spread the word about our industry's efforts and the efforts of everyone over at Hiring Our Heroes to provide job opportunities for the people and families that have served our country so bravely. ◆

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Editor’s Note
President’s Message
CEO’s Letter
All for One and One for All
Elector Set
The Construction Advocacy Fund: Funding the Fight
New Revenue Recognition Standard Developed With Construction Industry Input
Business Development
Enhancing the Design and Impact of Company Websites
Construction’s Crystal Ball
Simonson Says
AGC in Action
Squeaky Clean Construction
Spray Polyurethane Foam: A Candid Look
Technology Toolbox
Legislative and Regulatory News
Member and Chapter News
2014 Insurance Directory
Government Affairs
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Final Inspection

Constructor - September/October 2014