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CEO'S LETTER Why Your Vote Still Matters BY STEPHEN E. SANDHERR AGC CEO Our war chest -AGC's Construction Advocacy Fund - is running dry. That is why we are asking members to contribute to the fund as we gear up for this new regulatory onslaught.  @Constr uctor Ma g WE'VE ALL HEARD IT - and many of us have been caught saying it - what's the point in voting when nothing changes and Washington grows more dysfunctional every day? It's hard not to be a cynic in today's political environment. I get it. Washington is pretty dysfunctional, Congress is less popular than cancer, and we have a president that would rather shake hands with somebody in a horse costume than deal with the other party. It doesn't have to be this way, and things can change for the better, but only if you vote. How can voting in the upcoming election help make Washington more functional? Well, despite what we all may feel at times, registering to vote and casting your ballot remains the only true way to hold our elected officials accountable for the jobs they are, or are not, doing. Elections are, or at least should be, the political equivalent of a performance review, with voters serving as the managers. But again, you can only manage the situation by casting your vote and making your voice heard. Trust me, if we all use our vote to send a message that we have no tolerance for allowing our infrastructure to crumble, or for piling on new regulatory burdens and neglecting immigration and workforce development issues, we will be heard. And if there is one thing most elected officials are good at, it is figuring out which way the political winds are blowing. But to make sure we are sending the right message to the right people, you need an easy way to check the voting records of your local candidates. You need to know about the most important issues facing our industry. You also need to be able to help your employees register to vote. This is precisely why we created Construction Votes (, a new online voting resource for our members. Construction Votes includes information about how members of Congress did on a host of AGC "key votes," resources to share with employees, and tips for running appropriate and successful voter registration drives. I encourage you to visit this site and use its resources to get as many of your co-workers registered, educated and engaged in the electoral process. Unfortunately, even if enough members of Congress get the message from your votes this fall and things improve on Capitol Hill, we are still going to have to contend with an Obama administration that is intent on putting in place its agenda without Congressional approval. The pace and scope of new regulations coming out of this administration are sure to increase during the next two years. Some of these new regulatory measures may even be well intended. But this administration and its rule writers don't seem to have a clue about what life is really like in the business world - or within our industry. Their rules do a lot more to increase costs and undermine success than they do to protect the environment or protect the millions of hard working people just like you. One of the hardest things to do in D.C. is kill a regulation. Fortunately, we have amassed a pretty good track record. We killed the 3 percent withholding rule, got the EPA to reverse itself on new stormwater runoff rules, scuttled efforts to force contractors to replace billions worth of off-road diesel equipment and significantly softened new employment mandates for federal contractors. Fighting the regulatory machine isn't easy or cheap, however. And after six years of some of the most anti-business environment in D.C. any of us have ever known, our war chest -AGC's Construction Advocacy Fund - is running dry. That is why we are asking members to contribute to the fund as we gear up for this new regulatory onslaught. So in addition to checking out Construction Votes and hitting the ballot box, please visit and make your contribution. Given the potential cost of these new regulations, your support may just end up being some of the best money you spend this year. ◆ S E P T E MB E R / O C T O B E R 2 0 1 4 | 15

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Constructor - September/October 2014