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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Getting Involved in AGC is Easier Than Ever Before ONE OF THE MANY things you do as president of AGC of America is travel to chapter annual BY CHUCK GRECO AGC PRESIDENT The fact is this association is only as strong as our members are involved. The more active members we have, the more we can accomplish as a national association. @Constr uctor Ma g meetings and talk about what the national association is up to. As part of those talks, I frequently urge members to become involved in our organization, not just because it is good for our association, but because it is good for their business and career. There is a lot to be said for becoming active at a national level, and it is easier than most members probably imagine. Indeed, one of the easiest ways to become involved nationally is to join one of AGC's many committees, like our Safety and Health Committee, which is always looking for volunteers to help with their awards judging and to share tips about the best ways to keep our people safe and healthy. Or, become active in your respective division. AGC has four divisions that support contractors based on the type of work they perform. Our largest division is the Building Division which represents contractors who do commercial work. Our Utility Infrastructure Division supports contractors who do underground and utility work. Our Highway and Transportation Division represents the firms that build highways and transit systems. And our Federal Contractors Division helps firms that build military structures, government office buildings or work on our waterways. Each of these divisions is eager to receive more support from contractors willing to spend time helping federal officials understand our industry, communicating what support we need to thrive and how different measures will help, or more typically hurt, employers. Just go online to and you can find information about the national staff that supports each of them. Just call or email those staff members and they will be thrilled to get you involved. If you are still early in your career, you can also get involved nationally through our Construction Leadership Council, or CLC, for short. This is the group that brings together our young professionals. And let me tell you, if you want to feel like a rock star in our national association, join the CLC and be active. Everyone wants to know what our younger members are thinking and figure out how we can provide support for their career ambitions. The fact is this association is only as strong as our members are involved. The more active members we have, the more we can accomplish as a national association. But just as we benefit from your involvement, so too will you benefit. First off, there is no faster, easier or better way to build your network of contacts than by getting involved in AGC of America. You will meet contractors from across the country. Many of them have dealt with, and figured out, some of the same challenges you are dealing with on a daily basis. Their advice will help you advance your business or as a professional within your firm. In addition to helping our national association and supporting your own career, the other reason to get involved nationally is that it is rewarding. You will make lifelong friends, travel, gain a better appreciation for different parts of our country and realize just how unique and important builders are to our society. In other words, get involved in AGC of America because it is good for our industry, good for your career and good for your quality of life. ◆ S E P T E MB E R / O C T O B E R 2 0 1 5 | 11

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Constructor - September/October 2015