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EDITOR'S NOTE Where Learning Never Ends ONE OF MY FAVORITE summer pastimes is camping. Many years ago, a group of college BY JEANIE J. CLAPP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF friends and I began what is now a long-standing tradition to gather at the same campsite on the same weekend each year. Starting out as a small group of 10 or 12, we have grown to nearly 50 strong, adding friends, spouses, and children over the years. We swap stories around the campfire. We hike a little. We laugh a lot. And, surprisingly enough, in this kick-back, relaxed setting, we learn from each other. This year, the seven-year old learned a new card game, that speed-based multi-player favorite, Nertz, all the while honing her math skills. The pre-teen birder taught the rest of us about the various calls we were hearing. And the young adults talked extensively about what we've recently learned about Pluto. We all came away from that weekend, learning a little more than we knew before. In a world driven by technology and business fierce with competition, it's easy to see why construction is a constantly changing industry, and one that demands that learning never cease. Contractors need to stay on their toes and their companies need to remain at the top of their game. AGC of America and Constructor are here to help: the former, with its educational courses and conferences, and the latter, with its informative content. Take for instance this issue's cover story ("Lean in and Learn," Page 16) which explains the methodology aimed to help contractors cut through the clutter, increase efficiency, and maximize the value on their projects. By constantly observing, asking questions and implementing new ideas, construction companies are getting to the heart of the 'cost' matter and shredding waste. The Lean Continuing Education Program (LCEP) is a sevenunit program led by AGC of America that teaches members the best ways to minimize waste, thereby impacting their bottom lines. This issue's Construction Corner (Page 20) profiles Sundt's Jeff Esgar, Sr., one of 60 AGC Lean instructors, who helps create Lean champions and sends them back to their offices with this game-changing technique in their back pockets. Beyond Lean, there's a world of construction learning out there. How will you weave your way through the Affordable Care Act maze ("The Picture of Health," Page 36)? Are you taking full advantage of the marketing techniques available today ("Old, New, Tried & True," Page 28)? Discover the unique challenges other contractors face with their projects ("The Los Angeles Hall of Justice," Page 48) and you might find a solution for one of yours. Many say that change is the only constant in construction. Let's toss learning into that mix as well. Learn from each other, from the AGC programs, and from Constructor magazine, because here at AGC is where learning never ends. ◆ Have a story idea or information you'd like to share with AGC members? Contact me at Look for web exclusives on and follow Constructor on Twitter @ConstructorMag. @Constr uctor Ma g S E P T E MB E R / O C T O B E R 2 0 1 5 | 9

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Editor’s Note
President’s Message
CEO’s Letter
Lean in and Learn
Construction Corner
Getting Ready for the Big Ships
Old, New, Tried & True
Simonson Says
The Picture of Health
Technology Toolbox
Inside AGC
Workforce Shortage Report: Southern Region
Bringing the Los Angeles Hall of Justice Back to Life
Employee Benefit Selections Can Yield Greater Rewards
2015 Insurance Guide
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Final Inspection

Constructor - September/October 2015