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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Member Leaders Play Key Role in Industry's Future I HAVE JUST RETURNED from the AGC of America National and Chapter Leadership Conference BY CHUCK GRECO AGC PRESIDENT This annual conference brings the volunteer and staff leaders of the national association and our chapters together for three days of meetings, networking and Congressional visits. @Constr uctor Ma g as I compose this column. During my time at the conference, I was exposed to the latest industry trends, management practices, regulatory updates, advocacy initiatives and political insights of national importance for our association and our chapters. Add to this the new friends I made and the old acquaintances re-established through some well-planned networking events, and I have to say it was as usual a meaningful and enriching AGC event. This annual conference brings the volunteer and staff leaders of the national association and our chapters together for three days of meetings, networking and Congressional visits. The idea is simple, get everyone under one roof and create as many opportunities as possible to share what we know about making our association strong and our industry prosperous, as well as making sure all our chapter leaders know about the many resources available to members from AGC of America. We go to such great lengths to organize the conference to show how AGC of America can help our member leaders play a key role in building a better future for our industry. After all, our association is where we temporarily leave the daily crisis of the inbox to focus on improving our industry, business and individual careers. Another reason for organizing this annual event is to make sure chapter leaders know about the many ways members can get involved in their national association. This is important because all too often I hear from members that they have no idea how to get involved with AGC of America. There is no need to wait for an invitation to get involved nationally - everyone who works for member firms is already welcome. One easy way to get involved is to sign up for an e-forum, AGC of America's electronic networking system. Our e-forums are where members get quick and helpful answers to work-related questions or send feedback about pending regulations and legislation. Or join one of our national divisions for different types of construction, serve on groups like our Specialty Contractor Council, support our Education & Research Foundation, or sign up for one of our committees dealing with important issues like education and training, safety, the environment or HR. It was extremely encouraging to have leaders from 65 out of our 92 chapters take so much time out of their day jobs to learn more about the work of our national association, how current events affect our industry and what their fellow chapters are doing about the challenges they present or the opportunities to leverage them. But we can do better. I want to challenge all of us to think about how to get the few chapters who were not represented at this year's meeting to attend next year. Simply put, this conference has to be seen by every chapter as a must-attend event. Does your chapter participate and if not, why not? So I welcome any feedback or suggestions on what we need to do to get every chapter's leaders to D.C. next year so that our members can be assured of receiving the entire value of membership. It may be that this is an unobtainable goal, but if there is any group out there that is tenacious enough to make it happen, I believe I am talking to them. ◆ NO V E MB E R / D E C E MB E R 2 0 1 5 | 11

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Constructor - November/December 2015