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TECHNOLOGY TOOLBOX Getable Makes Equipment Procurement Easy BY DEBRA WOOD WHEN CONTRACTORS NEED A piece of equipment on a jobsite, Getable makes it as easy as a click of a mouse or a tap on a mobile device to obtain the right machinery at the least expensive cost. "They have made it easy to order and request service," says Ryan Weinrich, lead virtual design and construction engineer at Hensel Phelps in San Jose, a member of AGC of California, who has been using Getable for about a year. Getable co-founder and CEO Tim Hyer describes the app as an "Expedia for excavators." The company provides on-demand construction equipment from rental companies and tracking of company-owned equipment. It began in California and has expanded nationwide. Beau Blume, project engineer for Barnard Construction Co., in Bozeman, a member of the Montana Contractors Association, has been using Getable since the fall of 2014 on a subway project in San Francisco. "It's been a good experience," Blume says. "I needed some oddball stuff. I sent a note, and they jumped on it, without me calling around. It's a nice resource to have." Blume says Getable has found those needed pieces quickly and on time and excels at logistics, communication and documentation. He finds the written documentation, showing what he has specified a huge advantage. "Having an app on my iPhone and having all the information aggregated is super helpful," Blume explains. "Other people on the jobsite can see what I'm requesting." One of the greatest benefits for Blume is Getable's ability to deliver equipment quickly, often within hours of sending in a request. Ninety-five percent of Getable orders are for same day or next morning delivery. @Constr uctor Ma g "It's very much 'I need it now,' and we are able to fulfill with a wide network of suppliers," Hyer says. Getable displays all equipment on a jobsite, who supplied it, and accumulating costs. It also tracks how long the contractor requested the equipment for and sends a reminder that it is time to send it back to avoid accruing more expense. Contractors can always extend the time with the machinery. Weinrich says he finds the return reminder a helpful feature. Contractors rate the rental company, and other Getable users can access that feedback. Getable tracks on-time deliveries and other performance metrics that matter in the decision to rent the equipment. Normally, Hensel Phelps staff would call around to get the best price, but with Getable, that's done for the engineers and project managers. "It's very cost effective for us," Weinrich says. "It creates competition on the supplier side, so we get the best price." Most contractors use Getable on an iPhone or tablet. There is no cost to the contractor. Rental companies can pay to promote themselves and their equipment on the platform. "I like the idea that I am getting the best deal in my area," Blume says. "I don't need to call around and get quotes. Getable will get me the quotes and I have peace of mind selecting the best equipment." ◆ GETABLE 500 Sansome #507 San Francisco, CA 94111 415-438-7805 A contractor orders equipment through Getable. NO V E MB E R / D E C E MB E R 2 0 1 5 | 49

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Constructor - November/December 2015