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Proving Your IPM Service with a Handheld Generated Report W BY ALLIE TAISEY, BCE, NPMA DIRECTOR OF CERTIFICATION WITH THE ADOPTION OF HANDHELD TECHNOLOGIES, THE documentation coming from a pest ▼ 20 | PEST WORLD > JULY / AUGUST 2016 ▼ ▼ In addition to having sections that document the items listed above, you can set up your software/reports to help PMPs know what they must do at every service. Consider: What does the customer expect to see in a report? Examples: * Conducive conditions/areas of concern to correct or that were addressed * Pests found * Corrective actions taken to resolve pest issues What do regulatory agencies require you to document? Varies by state. Examples include: * EPA registration numbers * Wind speed * Date What do auditors need to see? Varies widely by certification program. While having blank fields dictate how a PMP performs a service holds him or her accountable to the industry standards, the best PMPs know that the documentation of an exceptional service is found in the "Other Notes" section. Our industry's professionalism depends on the PMPs who look beyond the handhelds, speaks with customers, and thinks creatively about pest problems and solutions. ● ▼ ▼ Note: if the same recommendations are made at each service and there is no proof that the customer received, acted on, or outright refused to act on the recommendation, this requirement is not met. GreenPro Requirement: The PMP only used pesticides when justified (by the number(s), location(s), and types of pests or the seasonal trends of sitespecific data). Documentation: Material summary including material, quantity, application method/ rate and location. If pesticide is used without documentation of pest presence, databased rationale must be included. GreenPro Requirement: A followup service was scheduled within an appropriate timeframe on any active infestation. Documentation: The date/time of the next service record for that area. If your service documentation meets all these requirements and is not GreenPro certified, you should consider applying! GreenPro is a free service certification available to QualityPro Certified companies. Recognize your service as meeting our industry's standard for "Green" and open up business opportunities from clients that request GreenPro certified service. To learn more, visit www. ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ management service has changed. Many companies have transitioned from pen and service ticket forms to printed electronic records. Either format can achieve the main goal: to tell the story of your service. Electronic records are becoming the norm, in part because of the ability to search all records to identify trends. This is a must for any account that requires integrated pest management (IPM). NPMA defines an IPM/Green service according to the GreenPro principles. If the service being documented is GreenPro certified, auditors will be looking at all service records for 12 months to determine the following: GreenPro Requirement: An inspection was conducted at each service. Documentation: Note areas and devices inspected. GreenPro Requirement: Monitoring devices were installed and maintained for potential pests throughout the year. Documentation: Device summary including locations and findings of inspection. GreenPro Requirement: The number(s), location(s), and identification of pests found via inspection/monitoring are documented at each service. Documentation: Pest summary including locations and pest counts (may overlap with device summary). GreenPro Requirement: The PMP recommended or performed non-chemical control strategies such as exclusion, sanitation or habitat modification when applicable. Documentation: Open conditions describing ongoing issues/recommendations. Conditions resolved by the client or during the service. GreenPro Requirement: The customer received recommendations from and communicated with the PMP. Documentation: Customer signature acknowledging the report was received. Proof of a meeting about open conditions that were not resolved after multiple services. Documented plan for acting on the PMPs recommendations.

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